17 September 2014

Brandmark eSeries No. 4 – Localization and Customization of Marketing Assets

In this fourth installment of the Brandmark eSeries, Mediawide will be showing how customization and localization of marketing assets can be accomplished using the Brandmark Solution, and how this can help your marketing efforts.

Customization and Localization is helpful to marketeers however big or small your marketing department is. Supplying relevant content to your clients, customers, dealers or partners is the number one priority. Without relevant content, your campaign will simply end up in the trash.

Customizing a postcard with local content, and relevant information helps catch the viewers attention, and making these changes in Brandmark is very simple by using the StepBuilder module.

The easiest method for end users to customize and localize content, is by using pre-approved content which the user can simply choose from a predefined list. When the user chooses an item from the list, all information including text and images are imported and displayed to the user in the correct location and format. This pre-approved content is simply stored in a local Brandmark database, or in a third party database easily managed and ready for use.

These databases can also be used as a product or dealer database, allowing users to add product information or dealer contact details directly into marketing assets. Again this is a simple task for the end user, either by automatically injecting information into the asset based on their account details, or manually choosing it from a list.

Most Brandmark customers use this method of placing content onto assets, however, if you need the users to have more control, there are options to manually change elements within these marketing assets. An example is to make a tag or field editable, therefore the original content is available to view, but it can also be edited for localization or customization purposes.

This method is useful for certain fields such as pricing, or percentage discounts, which a dealer may want to set manually. Of course, limits can also be defined if the head office wants a maximum discount, or minimum price.

By utilizing the Brandmark StepBuilder, self contained databases, and connected databases for product information or dealer network information can be used for customization and localization. With custom fields or tags, specific customization and localization can also be performed. Of course, all of these changes can be checked as part of the approval workflows, and enabled or disabled through user or account permissions.

Marketing asset localization and customization is yet another way Brandmark can help streamline your marketing operations, and get better return on marketing investment (ROMI).

To learn more about how Mediawide and Brandmark can help your marketing department reduce costs and streamline marketing process, visit the Mediawide website at http://www.mediawide.com

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