12 August 2015

Batch adaptation for SWF Web Banners is launched

Mediawide announces the launch of Batch Adaptation for Web Banner Ads.  An add-on module to the companies Brandmark solution, that allows local offices to customize and localize digital and print marketing material, efficiently and effectively.

Brandmark is currently used to localize and customize Web Banner Ads in Adobe’s SWF format, this new module allows batch processing of these banner ads to create multiple versions, with differing content, very quickly from an uploaded spreadsheet.

Thousands of variations can be generated very fast and efficiently, and can be proofed using the current Brandmark proofing system. Delivery can also be handled within Brandmark, allowing click tags and click URLs to be automatically inserted, and delivered digitally to the relevant Ad Servers.

For more information on Batch Adaptation for Web Banners, please visit http://www.mediawide.com/flash-banner-ad-builder-for-swf-display-ads/ or contact one of Mediawide’s local offices at http://www.mediawide.com/contact-us/

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