12 August 2015

Bespoke Development and Pre-Media Production Services

Mediawide are now providing bespoke development and pre-media production services, in addition to enterprise solutions for web to print, and digital publishing for eBooks and online courses. We have support offices in the USA and UK, and can provide project management services locally if required

Mediawide OfficesTeam Size

We have a team of 100+ professionals spread across development and production.

Bespoke Development

We provide a range of services with skill sets in .Net, C++, Java, Javascript, and PHP, plus custom development across InDesign, Illustrator and Magento. We also build native apps on iOS, Android and Windows mobile. Some of our prestigious clients include SGS in Canada, Print Force in Australia, Brand Muscle, Stratavant, and Dakota in USA, and TBWA and eGraphics in Europe.

Production Services

•   ePub Authoring Tools -eBook conversions from Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Word, Corel Ventura, and other platforms

•  InDesign to ePub3 – fixed and adaptive layout (including Kindle formats)

•  Interactive features

•  2D Animation Builder in HTML5 – HTML5 / CSS3 based animations built with our unique tool

•  Excellent for re-authoring flash content

•  Supports 2D animation features within fixed layout ePub

•  Supports more 2D animation features including masking, scale, opacity, keyframe animations, time line management, live voice over recording

•  White Board annotations

•  Re-authoring Flash files to HTML5/CSS3

•  Creation of Learning System content and apps across web, iOS, Android and Windows mobile

•  Bespoke software development for eLearning

To learn more about how Mediawide can provide custom bespoke development and pre-media production for your company, please visit www.mediawide.com and www.flipick.com, or email a member of our sales team at sales@mediawide.com

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