12 August 2015

Repurposing Adobe Flash to HTML5 & CSS3

As the shift continues from absorbing content on the desktop to tablet and phone, Flash is becoming more and more of an issue, and newer technologies like HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript are being used as a replacement for Flash.

The problem with this, is that most companies have huge volumes of interactive Flash content which is now obsolete. Companies cannot afford, or have the time to re-create this content in HTML5 to work on newer devices.

Flash to HTML5 Diagram

What is needed is a high quality, rapid solution for migrating legacy Interactive Flash content, to HTML5 and CSS3 – Mediawide can help you in this process.

Mediawide can take your existing Flash content, and use proprietary technology to repurpose it into functional HTML5 content, making sure it is usable on many devices such as desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Mediawide’s production department will fully QA the new content, and make sure it adheres to content standards and works correctly on the devices and platforms it is required for.

Along with 2D animation, Mediawide can also repurpose 3D animation, voice-over timings, simulations, teaching slides, Multi-Choice-Question (MCQ) based assessments and much more, into HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript, which will work on most modern platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

For further information about how Mediawide can repurpose Flash to HTML5, please read further here, or contact us for more information

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