10 February 2016

Another nail in Flash’s coffin from Google

Yesterday – 9th February 2016, Google finally announced that they will no longer be accepting Flash based display ads on the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. This is a follow-up to the decision to stop Flash Banner Ads being shown on the Google Chrome platform.

Although this is bad news for all you Flash experts out there, this is great news for advertisers, because finally, your display ads can now be seen on any device, natively.

To help with this transition from Flash to HTML5, Mediawide can of course help you. Mediawide can offer conversion services, to convert your current Flash based ads into AdWords accepted HTML5 display ads. This service is billed on a very low hourly rate, and the turn around is normally less than 24 hours.


With this service, we do not use automated technology to perform the conversion, we use actual skilled people, who do these conversion day in day out. Using technology to automate this procedure does not work, and you end up with half baked HTML5 which is not editable, and is more hassle than starting from scratch. Mediawide do use technology to make the process quicker and therefore more cost effective. Our processes of converting Flash to HTML5 uses Mediawide’s own-built animation editors and builders, making the conversion process a painless process.

Another method of saving time and money building new display ads, is the new Brandmark HTML5 Banner Ad Builder. With this new solution, HTML5 Display Ad templates built by Mediawide to your own specifications, can be uploaded to Brandmark, and your clients or local offices can generate localised and customised display ads, which are ready to be uploaded to Google AdWords or DoubleClick, or any other Ad Service network you wish to use. With Brandmark, you can use the same Display Ad, and deliver it to multiple Ad Service providers, you are not just tied to the single provider. We currently have customers using this process to generate hundreds of HTML5 display ads without touching a single programmer, being delivered to multiple Ad Service providers.

In addition to the manual creation of HTML5 Display Ads through Brandmark, Mediawide has also integrated the Batch Adaptation module with the HTML5 Display Ad templates, therefore you can batch create thousands of HTML5 Display Ads through this process. Again this technology is tried and tested with live customers.

Mediawide are here to help you through this transition, and if there is anything we can do to help, please contact us.

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