6 July 2016

OpenText and Mediawide Announce Partnership

Mediawide, a creator of cutting edge web2print solutions, is partnering with OpenText Inc, a pioneer in Digital Asset Management tools.

Mediawide has teamed up with OpenText to launch a new add-in for OpenText Media Management (OTMM) called Asset Builder for Media Management.  This unique add-in customizes and localizes assets located within OTMM.

OpenText Media Management is the leader in digital asset management tools. It serves as the centralized, secure, and easily accessible repository for media assets. Users can browse, view and download assets easily from the OTMM repository.

In today’s business world, companies use various mediums for marketing and promoting their brands and products. These companies need to disseminate digital media across web, mobile, social, and print to reach most customers. This promotional content is often co-branded with distributors, partners or retailers, therefore it’s crucial to share the right content at the right time. This can often be time-consuming as well as confusing for companies.

Asset Builder for Media Management is dedicated to making it easier for brands and companies to reach out to their customers whilst saving time and effort.  Asset Builder for Media Management helps localizing and customizing assets, with editing features such as text changes, image substitutions, style changes, color changes, image cropping & resizing and much more. It essentially saves time and money, as the assets can be created once and alterations can be made multiple times depending on the local requirements. All allowable changes are controlled through permissions to maintain branding standards.

Created assets can be sent for review through OTMM Creative Review, a collaboration tool. This helps in better process coordination between collaborators and is a very efficient process, thereby driving value for the organization.

Mediawide is attending OpenText Enterprise World 2016, the biggest tech meet, July 11-14 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The Asset Builder for Media Management is set to be unveiled at the show. Learn more about Asset Builder for Media Management here.



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