Brandmark Ad Builder

Create professional PDF Print campaigns easily and quickly using just your browser

Brandmark workflow, from Design, Ad Builder, through to output

The Brandmark Ad Builder is a set of interactive web tools designed for wide range of applications – From localizing brand promotions, creating flexi-layout ads for small and medium businesses, to repurposing publications for digital media and building print & touch-catalogues.

The Ad Builder is fully integrated with your Content, with APis to connect to Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMs) and Product Information Management Systems (PIMs), providing centralized brand governance.

  • Localizing Advertisements

    Business enterprises catering to widespread markets need to localize promotions for respective regions. Brandmark Ad Builder enables you to customize and localize promotions, then automate the re-working process, giving you the power to resize your ads and adapt them as required – WYSIWYG Web to Print, directly within the browser.

  • Creative Design – In The Browser

    Based on your access rights and permissions, Brandmark Ad Builder allows you to change Typography and Layouts to better suit your content, and insert Product and Dealer information from PIMs. The final PDF files can be published across a variety of mediums such as newspapers, magazines, OOH advertising, or as any other type of marketing collateral.

  • SDK for Integration

    Built on Web Services, Brandmark Ad Builder can be integrated into other third party systems, giving the ability for users to seamlessly create and edit branded marketing material within their own solution.

  • Ad Spots for circulars and flyers

    Rework your promotional flyers and circulars for different regions using a simple, cost effective and efficient process, with Brandmark Ad Builder being the central editing module.

  • Interactive Ads for Tablets and Web

    Brandmark Ad Builder is fully capable of creating interactive HTML5-compliant ads, and multi-page digital product catalogues with rich multi-media content.

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