picture of newspapers rolling on a press, ads in here are created using Brandmark, Ad creation tools for publishers

With Brandmark’s ad creation tools for publishers, trade and transient advertisers can create their own classified display, ROP and lineage advertisements online through the Brandmark Web to Print / Web to Web solution. The advertiser follows simple instructions to book and create their advertisement with immediate control of content and insertions.

  • Brandmark AdBuilder

    The interactive Ad Builder, based on HTML5/CSS3 technologies, delivers rich yet easy to use advert creation functions right within the browser. The most appropriate tools are available for users at all levels through permissions. These include simple font, point size and color changes, to layout changes through moving and resizing text and image frames, and creating new frames directly within the browser based Ad Builder.

  • APi Web Services

    With Brandmark’s ad creation tools for publishers, API Web Services are available, so advertisers can easily and seamlessly create print and digital advertisements directly on the publishers website or portal, without ever knowing they were using the Brandmark Ad Builder

    Complete control of users, authentication, template selection, Ad creation and publishing is all performed through Brandmark’s Web Services.

  • Digital Platforms

    As new technology enters the market almost every day, Brandmark can help you publish simultaneously on virtually every digital platform and tablet available. Brandmark is fully capable of generating suitable adaptations for different digital interfaces, and due to the Brandmark modules, it is easy to add future digital technologies quickly and efficiently.

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