OpenText Asset Builder for Media Management

Add-on for OpenText Media Management to allow localization and customization of assets

Digital Asset Management workflow diagram

Mediawide has teamed up with OpenText, a pioneer in Digital Asset Management (DAM), to create a new add-in for OpenText Media Management (OTMM). This Add-in, called ‘Asset Builder for Media Management’, is a new means to customize and localize assets located within the OpenText Media Management DAM. Asset Builder for Media Management brings the efficiencies of “create-once, use-many” to re-purpose, re-express, re-use, and re-create print and digital assets, directly inside OTMM.

With business’s needs to disseminate digital media simultaneously across multiple outlets to reach consumers – web, mobile, social, print – as well as co-branded content to distributors, retailers, and partners – all needing the right content at the right time. Asset Builder for Media Management localizes and customizes assets, using a completely redesigned, touch friendly HTML5 UI for multi-device and browser interfaces.

OpenText Media Management along with the Asset Builder Add-on, ultimately, uses localized and customized digital assets to drive value for the organization. This is a platform allowing customers to respond to ever-growing demands for localized and customized marketing.

  • Industry Leading DAM with added Functionality

    OpenText Media Management serves as the centralized, secure and accessible repository to browse, search, view, and download assets, whilst Asset Builder serves as the tool to localize and customize those assets, for re-purposing and ad-hoc marketing situations.

    Asset Builder for Media Management brings new functionality to OTMM, functionality which is normally outside the standard DAM UI and remit. With the Asset Builder for Media Management Add-in, Adobe InDesign templates can be uploaded directly to the OTMM DAM, and added functionalities utilizing the OTMM Restful API, allows these templates to be launched within the Mediawide redesigned HTML5, touch friendly Editor.

  • Asset Building through InDesign Templates

    Edits can be made such as text changes and image substitutions, but also further design based changes such as font replacement, style changes, text justification, color changes and more. Images can also be cropped and repositioned.

    Further enhanced changes can be made to the asset, including moving and resizing image and text frames, adding new image and text frames and even deleting them. All of these changes are controlled through permissions, so if strict branding is required, certain editing features can be disabled. Text and Images can also be used from pre-approved lightboxes or folders within the OTMM DAM, leading to an approved branded content workflow.

  • Dynamic Resizing, and Creative Review Processes

    If advertising or signage templates are uploaded, then the innovative dynamic resizing logic can be enabled, allowing the asset to be resized non-proportionately. This logic does not simply stretch and squash the asset, it takes each individual element within the asset, and repositions them, resizes them and refits the content within them, to create a new asset which is resized perfectly, ready for production.

    Each asset, once localized, customized, and resized, can then be put into the OpenText Media Management Creative Review workflow, this is a tool for collaboration and markup natively in the OTMM user interface. Users can initiate a review process, invite participants, and start collaborating, putting you in control, even for ad hoc reviews, and input on work-in-progress jobs.

    Creative Review maintains a complete audit trail of changes and is integrated with Media Management to coordinate creative tasks and processes. You can assign jobs and invite others to a review session, managing review and approval, for faster time to market.

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