Variable Data Printing, Batch Adaptation & Resizing through Brandmark

Automate the production of localized, personalized and resized print marketing material through Variable Data Printing

variable data printing (VDP) workflow diagram, showing templates to brandmark, then output as PDF/VT

Brandmark Batch Adaptation is form of Variable Data Printing; it is the ability to automatically create multiple versions of a print job with different variable content – text or images. Brandmark is able to create multiple print output files, or a single print output file with multiple pages.

Brandmark Batch Adaptation also handles resizing of print jobs, from a single template, multiple output files can be generated with different sizes. This is ideal for generating newspaper ads, or Retailers who have multiple POS/POP sizes.

  • Variable Data Printing

    Brandmark Batch Adaptation utilizes the Adobe™ PDF/VT format for output files. This makes the output files compatible with the majority of print vendors, including major vendors utilizing the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), such as Global Graphics Harlequin RIP, used by Hewlett Packard to drive their Indigo Digital Presses.

  • Dynamic Resizing

    The most unique part of Brandmark Batch Adaptation is its ability to dynamically resize print jobs, so the output is a different size from the input template. This is used extensively in Agencies for generating hundreds of print advertisements for different newspapers around the world. Variable Data Printing with the added benefit of Dynamic Resizing, bring massive cost savings to Agencies around the globe.

  • VDP Sources

    As Brandmark Batch Adaptation can create VDP files with variable text, images and sizes, you can use multiple sources for the variable content. You can use manually uploaded CSV files, or link to an existing product database.

    Brandmark can also link to store signage systems to automatically fetch and create signage of multiple sizes

  • Adobe InDesign™ at its Heart

    All templates are generated from Adobe InDesign™ which are then uploaded to the Brandmark system. This makes it very easy for seasoned staff to create templates easily and very quickly.

    Frames or selected areas of text are tagged, which are then mapped to a data source within Brandmark.

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