Flipick for Corporate Training

The traditional methods of corporate training just got flipped

Picture of an iPad with Flipick app on display

What’s different about Flipick?

As the usual corporate training techniques continue to stay monotonous and unidirectional, in today’s digital age, training has to partner with technology to stay relevant. What Flipick provides is interactive and self-paced ecosystems for training that use cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive courses. This way, even as more and more information becomes available in the world every day, trainers and employees can both stay informed and updated in the course of their choice.

From health and safety training, to specific industry training, Flipick can help corporations create, produce and maintain course material and interactive content.

Due to the course content being HTML5 based, self paced learning can be performed by the employee on tablet devices, or laptops/desktops computers. These can be used anywhere and at anytime, optimising the learning experience.

  • The Non-synchronous Learning Services

    Flipick provides self-paced learning services that can be used by employees. These modules use 2D/3D animations and case studies, HTML/CSS3 simulations as well as mock assessments to gain and support deeper conceptual learning.

  • Animated videos

    Topics that are based on timelines or are heavy on instructions typically need a step by step approach to teaching. For these, 2D & 3D animated videos can work wonders as they highlight every important aspect of the topic in a visually engaging format. Since these videos are available online as well as on their smart devices, employees can watch them at their convenience and refer to them as many times as they want to.

  • HTML/CSS3 simulations

    Experiential learning is probably the best way to learn a few concepts. For such topics, Flipick provides a database of HTML/CSS3 simulations that put the students in the driver seat and give them a first-hand experience of the concept.

  • TinCan Analytics

    When each course is designed, analytics are a key priority, therefore employers cannot only discover how their employees are progressing though the course material, but also how the content is being used, and how the content can be improved. Each employee is registered in the Flipick LMS (Learning Management System), and learning achievements are stored in the Flipick LRS (Learning Record Store) Each employee can be tracked at each step of the course, and test scores are kept for reference.