Brandmark Digital Asset Management

A fully integrated brand control solution for centralized asset management – Integrated with Brandmark, or use as a stand alone Cloud based DAM

Digital Asset Management workflow diagram

Brandmarks Digital Asset Management Solution is a powerful, in-built asset management system which indexes, categorizes, searches, retrieves, processes and distributes brand elements such as images, multi-media, ad templates, print ads and re-purposed ads.

Brandmarks Digital Asset Management module can be used with any Brandmark Ad Builder, so approved assets can be used within your own Web to Print or Digital workflow.

  • Structured Data Sources

    A big challenge faced by corporations, Real Estate Agents or Retail Enterprises, is the control of branding in promotional campaigns, which are executed in several different locations simultaneously. Products and services typically have many associated images and corresponding content which may differ for different campaigns.

    Brandmark’s Digital Asset Management Solution organizes assets by as many attributes as required so that local offices can search, access and use the appropriate content easily.

  • Image Quality Management

    When templates are designed for Brandmark, Brandmark’s Digital Asset Management Solution provides an interface to designate all the images which can be used for creating new advertisements, or promotional material for that template.

    Brandmark’s Digital Asset Management Solution automatically creates lower resolutions assets for easy web approval and placement in layouts, however, the system automatically swaps the low-resolution place holders with the high-resolution original images before print.

  • Asset Approval

    Before releasing assets to local stores, offices or dealers for creation of promotional campaign material, there is a centralized approval process. Images must be color corrected, re-sized and cropped to match brand guidelines. Copy must be edited until finally approved. Brandmark’s Digital Asset Management Solution handles and smooths out the entire approval process.

    Metadata or Taxonomies are used, which are template based, so the creator knows which metadata to put where, depending on the type of asset.

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