Brandmark eCommerce Storefront

An enterprise level eCommerce Storefront designed with B2B and B2C in mind

workflow of the eCommerce Storefront

Having an on-line presence 24/7 is now becoming more important to your customers.

Having a storefront to your web to print and digital marketing solutions helps existing customers create marketing material at their own pace, and attracts new clients to your business.

With the Brandmark eCommerce Storefront, you can now increase the productivity and profitability at every level of your marketing and channel organization.

  • Enterprise level eCommerce

    Brandmark eCommerce Storefront is the integration of Brandmark AdBuilder, and an enterprise level eCommerce solution.

    Storefronts can be setup, and products can be added to the store, along with inventory management, ordering capabilities, credit card payments, and delivery.

    Products can then be linked to your existing Brandmark templates, making them ‘editable products’, editable within the Print, SWF or HTML5 Ad Builder.

  • Unlimited Products

    Brandmark’s product catalog is completely flexible to support many product types, you can sell products with product specific options e.g marketing type, size, color etc. You can link multiple products to create groups and bundles.

  • Built-in SEO

    Brandmark Storefront will make your store and products more visible, and easily findable to customers through search engines. The Storefront is designed from the ground up to be search engine optimized.

  • Payment Gateways

    As with any storefront, the payment gateway needs to be flexible. This is why Mediawide has teamed up with multiple vendors including PayPal, Sage Pay, Braintree, WorldPay, Cybersource, PSiGate, A.Net and others.

    Setting up a payment gateway is simple, and reduces the PCI DSS compliance requirements for your company

  • Increase Retention

    Brandmark eCommerce Storefront contains the toolkit to retain your customers, and build loyalty by offering flexible coupons, gift cards and store credits.

    Promotions can also be handled directly within the Brandmark Storefront – there is the option of adding custom pages, and customized banners to the store, to handle any type of upcoming promotions that you are planning

  • Your Design

    Brandmark eCommerce Storefront helps you design your store to support your brand. Upload your own logo, change the store colors, change text and menu items with ease.

    You can even change CSS style sheets if you have the expertise in house, or let Mediawide do this for you.

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