Flipick, The Education Platform

The traditional methods of education just got flipped

Students learning on the Flipick Education Platform

What’s different about the Flipick Education Platform?

As the usual classroom teaching techniques continue to stay monotonous and unidirectional, in today’s digital age, education has to partner with technology to stay relevant. What Flipick provides is interactive and self-paced ecosystems for learning that use cutting-edge technology to deliver immersive lessons. This way, even as more and more information becomes available in the world every day, teachers and students can both stay informed and updated in any subject of their choice.

Besides providing education platforms, Flipick also empowers publishers to develop content for smart learning.

  • Non-synchronous Learning

    The Flipick Education Platform provides self-paced learning services that can be used by students and universities. These modules use 2D/3D animations and case studies, HTML/CSS3 simulations as well as mock assessments to gain and support deeper conceptual learning.

    The Flipick Education Platform also contains an integrated LMS and LRS, and can be designed with integrated Tin Can analytics.

  • Animated videos

    Topics that are based on timelines or are heavy on instructions typically need a step by step approach to teaching. For these, 2D & 3D animated videos can work wonders as they highlight every important aspect of the topic in a visually engaging format. Since these videos are available online on the Flipick Education platform, as well as on their smart devices, students can watch them at their convenience and refer to them as many times as they want to.

  • HTML/CSS3 simulations

    Experiential learning is probably the best way to learn a few concepts. For such topics, the Flipick Education Platform provides a database of HTML/CSS3 simulations that put the students in the driver seat and give them a first-hand experience of the concept.

  • Mock Assessments

    In partnership with content providers like Pearson, Elsevier and McGraw Hill, the Flipick Education Platform provides a bank of mock tests for all major competitive exams and university courses. These mock tests help the students test themselves holistically and prepare for any eventuality that may come up during an exam.

  • Empowering Publishers

    The one thing that is critical to this entire ecosystem of education is quality content that can support interactive learning. Towards this, Flipick offers conversion services that can help publishers ride the digital wave and convert their entire collection of physical books into digital content.

    When you use Flipick’s proprietary conversion tool, the compiled eBooks work seamlessly on any digital device, be it a computer, smartphone or a tablet. And when automation doesn’t get it right, our designers can work closely with the publishers to get every aspect of the layout work in sync with digital screens. The text that is generated in the process is extremely crisp and completely structured. This makes searching the books for a particular topic extremely easy.

    And finally, when it comes to distribution of your newly converted eBooks, we offer extensive white-label services for mobile apps as well as web stores.

  • Corporates?

    The Flipick Education Platform is also available for corporations, looking to train and educate employees. For more information, please visit the Corporate training page