Fixed Layout ePub creator

Create Fixed Layout ePub3 books directly from Adobe InDesign

Workflow of creating a fixed layout epub, from InDesign, to the book store

The Fixed Layout ePub creator, enables creation and publishing of interactive documents for web and mobile devices. Documents designed for print media can also be updated with interactive features. The solution supports publishing on iBooks, Google Play Store, Kindle Store and many more.

  • Interactive features

    InDesign documents for print can be cross-media published for web, smartphones and tablets. The documents are transformed into an industry standard XML definition called ePub3, which carries all layout, content and typography details. This format is supported on most platforms, and is gradually replacing PDF as the next generation of interactive document format

  • Unique features

    The Fixed Layout ePub Creator can be further used to customize interactive documents on a web application. The solution is ideal for building automated digital catalogs. Each product can be assigned a unique link, so when activated, products can be added to a basket, or linked to external eCommerce sites.

  • Integration with Brandmark

    Brandmark is a web based solution for creation of customized ads, marketing collateral and catalogs for print and digital. Brandmark now supports the ability to enhance the documents with interactive features for publishing on the web, smartphones and tablets.

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