Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder

Flash/SWF display advertising creation for localized and customized web banner ads

Flash Banner Ad Builder workflow diagram

The Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder is a set of interactive web tools designed to create customized and localized SWF based Web Banner Ads.

Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder is fully integrated with your Content, it seemlessly connects to Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMs) and Product Information Management Systems (PIMs) for centralized brand governance.

  • Localizing Advertisements

    Business enterprises catering to widespread markets need to localize promotions for respective regions. Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder enables you to customize and localize promotions, then automate the re-working process, giving you the power to resize your ads and adapt them as required.

  • SDK for Integration

    Built on Web Services, Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder can be integrated into other third party systems, giving the ability for users to seamlessly create and edit branded marketing material within their own solution.

  • Flash/SWF Output

    Output can be controlled by the Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Server, and each template, or group of templates can be assigned specific output profiles such as format and file size limits.

  • Delivery

    When delivery is required for the banner ads, Click Tag URLs and Click Tag Scripts can be embedded simply and easily, and then downloaded to the local users desktop for delivery to any of the major web advertisment service companies.

    Output is always of a high quality due to the Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Server rendering engine.

  • Batch Processes

    Flash/SWF Banner Ads can also be generated using the Batch Adaptation process, giving the ability to create hundreds or thousands of Flash files in a mater of minutes. This allows a spreadsheet to be uploaded with variable data, and used to generate custom Flash files.

    Brandmark Flash Banner Ad Builder also generates static GIF files for failback, required when Flash is not installed on the viewers desktop

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