Introducing Flipick, Online Courses for All

Flipick is an educational platform for students and educational institutes that aids their performance in competitive exams and university courses.

Flipick utilizes cutting-edge technology like online video lectures, comprehensive assessments and state-of-the-art analytics to get students holistically ready for any examination.
Exams can be intimidating. Especially because there is so much to learn and so little time to do it. And just before you face the actual exam, there is always that one question that you need to answer: am I ready for it?

With the help of Flipick Online Courses, the answer will always be a resounding yes.

By using a slew of features at your disposal, you can systematically work on every aspect of your preparation for the exams and be ready come that D-Day.

With technology and internet growing exponentially with every passing day, the face of education is changing rapidly. No more is it a passive medium, constrained to the classroom interactions between the teacher and the students. It is now moving towards a more experiential approach with interactivity and customization dictating its course. It is a time when digitization and e-reading is the key, nay, a necessity.

  • The Flipick brand heritage

    As a subsidiary of Mediawide Labs Pvt. Ltd., the pioneers in enterprise solutions for promotional management, customization and execution, Flipick brings a lot of experience in branding and marketing on the table. This helps us in understand the wide diversity of the target audiences, developing technology for continuously evolving marketscapes.

  • Online Courses

    Flipick’s main focus is on providing high-quality content, interactive eBooks, and assessments with adaptive learning. Flipick is achieving this via a comprehensive app that helps students prepare for competitive exams like never before, and by developing a state-of-the-art course manager for the educational institutes that helps them analyze and direct every individual student’s growth to perfection.

  • Digital Publishing

    For content providers and publishers, Flipick also provides and all-in-one integrated solution that supports eBook conversion services from InDesign and MSWord to fixed layout or adaptive eBooks with interactive feature.

    Flipick intends to redefine the way the publishing industry and authors look at publishing books and reach their target audiences.

  • Conversion Services

    Fixed Layout ePub3

    Fixed Layout (FXL) ePub3 is becoming more mainstream amongst educational books, graphic novels, children’s books and recipe books. The main difference between reflowable ePubs and FXL ePubs, is the fact that the x,y co-ordinates of every object is maintained from the original design, therefore the book can contain very complex and layout rich features. FXL does not use the in-built fonts of the reader, so typography can be customized.

    The Conversion

    Flipick offers a conversion service to convert Adobe InDesign documents, to Fixed Layout ePub3 files, and KF8 mobi files (the Kindle equivalent)

    The Cost

    The conversion costs $99 per book, which includes up to 2 hours of production work. If extra work is required, then Flipick will simply charge $35 per extra hour.

  • How to Submit Files

    The simplest method of sending Flipick the files for conversion, is to send them via DropBox; simply package the InDesign document, upload the zipped file to a DropBox account, then send it to and email containing the shared URL of the file.

    Another way is to use WeTransfer. Simply go to and send your packaged InDesign file to

    With both methods, make sure you also send an email to the same address with your contact details and any specific instructions.

  • Required eBook Format

    You can choose from ePub3 for iPad, KF8 for Kindle, or both.

    Type of pages in the eBook – Single Pages or Spreads.

    Page turn effect – Swipe or Flip.

    Whether you require text magnification for Kindle.

    Image Quality – Retina or Standard.

    If your choice included ePub3 for iPad, would you like the images to be PNG or JPG.

    Whether you will you be providing another file to be used as the Cover Page.

    Once we receive your packaged InDesign file, and the accompanying email, we will send you back a quote. On approval of the quote we will carry out the conversion.

    Quality Assurance

    As with any reputable company, Flipick will only send an invoice out to you once we have received the feedback from yourself, stating that the book has been converted correctly and you are 100% happy with the output