InDesign DAM Plugin connect Brandmark DAM to InDesign

Opens Web to Print documents via the cloud, and drag & drop assets from the Brandmark DAM into Adobe InDesign

InDesign DAM Plugin workflow document, showing Check-out, editing and checking back in of InDesign documents

Having an on-line Web to Print solution is great – but what happens when you need to make changes outside the Web to Print environment.

Get Works is an InDesign DAM Plug-in that allows Brandmark customers to check-out InDesign Jobs created in the Brandmark environment, directly to their desktop, even if Brandmark is hosted on the Mediawide Cloud.

Getworks also allows assets which reside on the Brandmark DAM, to be used directly in Adobe InDesign, though a searchable palette.

  • Work Locally

    Using HTTP technology, the GetWorks InDesign DAM plugin downloads the Adobe InDesign INDD file, and all its assets to a local folder on the users Mac, PC or Server.

    The user can then edit the document the same as any other local InDesign file, save changes, then check it back in to the server, then continue through the Brandmark workflow.

  • Workflows

    The GetWorks InDesign DAM plugin can be treated as just another step in the Brandmark Workflow Manager.

    After checking back in, jobs can continue through the approval process, and onto ordering and final delivery.

  • Resizing Needs

    One of the main uses of the GetWorks InDesign DAM plugin, is when resizing Print Ads or store signage. On rare occasions, the algorithms used may not output the results you exactly require, so small tweaks can be made directly in InDesign, ready for final delivery to the printer.

  • OPi Images OPi Images

    As you can imagine, with design based documents, some of the assets linked to the Adobe InDesign file can be quite large. For counter this effect, Brandmark uses a form of OPi to initially download low resolution place holders to work locally, which are then replaced with the high resolution images when rendered back on the Server.

    Using this technology is similar to the old OPi technology used for slow networks. In this case, the slow network is the internet. There are methods in the GetWorks InDesign DAM plugin to swap between the low resolution and high resolution assets if required.

  • Link to DAM

    The GetWorks InDesign DAM plugin is also able to link directly to the Brandmark Digital Asset Manager (DAM), giving a link between the SaaS DAM solution, and the local clients working within InDesign.

    Users can search the DAM, and drag and drop assets directly into InDesign. Once placed, the low resolution version can be replaced with the high resolution version ready for print.

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