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Agencies looking to save money in production of marketing collateral’s are looking toward technology. With Brandmark, the marketing solution for agencies, agencies can gain 80% time saving on generating batch adaptations.

Brandmark, the marketing solution for agencies, is a tool which allows agencies to customize and localize print collateral, not only can agencies create new content changing images and text, but can also create re-sized content.

  • Dynamic Resizing

    With it’s resizing technology, Brandmark, the marketing solution for agencies, is the leader in non-proportionate re-sizing. Print collateral such as POP/POS Signage and Newspaper & Magazine Ads can be created with ease and in a remarkably short time.

  • Batch Adaptation

    Batch adaptation can be used for standard variable data printing, allowing direct mail and other customized collateral’s to be generated quickly and efficiently through the PDF/VT format, ready to be printed.

  • Ad Builder

    Where user input is required, the tablet friendly Ad Builder can be used to manually localize and customize print and digital material. Users can choose templates, change the content and even style if required, then submit for approval.

  • Approval Workflows

    With its complete approval, proofing and annotations engine, which allows local area managers or corporate headquarters to approve collateral. These customizable approval workflows are simple to setup and use, and make the approval process very efficient.

  • DAM

    If your clients require a branded DAM, Brandmark, the marketing solution for agencies Digital Asset Management system can hold pre-approved assets, such as global location shots, stock images, and logo banks. Local marketeers can create their marketing material faster without worrying about breaking corporate brand guidelines.

  • Full Service

    With non-proportionate resizing, VDP, Web-to-Print and DAM, Brandmark, the marketing solution for agencies, has everything needed to make the marketing collateral creation highly efficient and cost effective.

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