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Airlines operate globally, meaning local advertising must cover multiple languages. Your marketing solution for airlines needs to keep up with the demanding process of translations and approvals.

With Brandmark, the marketing solution for airlines, local users can localize, customize and adapt corporate advertisements and marketing material for their local market, keeping the corporate brand intact.

With campaign management, translation, approval and delivery, global marketing is now possible.

  • Global/Local

    Starting with corporate approved templates, local offices can create localized version of marketing material, be it print advertisements, web banner advertisements, brochures, hand outs or business cards. Brandmark, the marketing solution for airlines, can revolutionize the speed and accuracy of creation.

    With the added benefit of pre-approved assets, such as global location shots, aircraft stock images, and logo banks, marketers can create their marketing material faster without worrying about breaking corporate brand guidelines.

    Airlines can now create these jobs, adding localized pricing and details with ease.

  • Automated Artwork Resizing

    With Brandmark’s re-sizing capabilities, major cost reductions can be made when adapting artwork for local publications. First class design standards are ensured through the deployment of our solution for content composition and rendering.

    Batch Adaptation can reduce time to market considerably, and slash production costs of such print adverts.

  • Translations

    With the added benefit of multiple layer templates, user can easily translate to local languages, keeping the original text intact for proofing purposes. Once approved, ordering and delivery can be completed

  • Approvals

    As with standard Brandmark, the approval workflow can be designed specifically for your companies scenario. Do you have local approvers, regional approvers and global approvers; not a problem with Brandmark, the marketing solution for airlines, within the Administration Portal, approval workflows can be generated and assigned, so users across multiple regions can send jobs for approval to the right approval group.

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