screenshot of Brandmark, the marketing solution for automotive dealers

Automotive dealers require strict branding practices to obtain co-op marketing funds and continued support from manufacturers.

With Brandmark, the marketing solution for auto dealers, local dealerships can confidently be assured that manufacturer advertising guidelines are adhered to, even when generating re-sized print ads.

Campaign management for print and digital advertising campaigns, and local tools for marketing material makes dealerships able to handle marketing functions internally, reducing marketing budgets.

  • Consistency & Reliability

    Consistent brand representation is assured with the integrated digital asset management system providing a single point of truth for all brand images and templates.

    Brandmark, the marketing solution for auto dealers, provides Web to Print and Web to Web functionality, it provides the mechanism for consistent, reliable, customized & localized marketing materials.

    The consistent brand representation and web to print & web to web functionality, provides dealerships with the confidence to create their own marketing material without the hassle of manufacturer chasing rebates for breaking brand guidelines.

  • Automated Artwork Resizing

    With Brandmark, the marketing solution for auto dealers re-sizing capabilities, major cost reductions can be made when adapting artwork for local publications.

    First class design standards are ensured through the deployment of our solution for content composition and rendering.

    Batch Adaptation can reduce time to market considerably, and slash production costs of such print adverts.

  • Link to Product & Dealer Databases

    Brandmark, the marketing solution for auto dealers, has the capability to leverage existing product and dealer databases. Users of Brandmark, the marketing solution for auto dealers, can choose pre-approved vehicle make and models along with pre-approved T&C’s to place into marketing material.

    Dealers contact, location and brand logo can be inserted manually from a filtered list of dealer names within their network, or automatically based on their user profile.

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