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Offshore production services and re-purposing solutions for Print and Digital Media

diagram showing different formats created from Mediawides offshore production services

With any type of publishing – Print Publishing, Web Publishing, Tablet Publishing, there is a certain amount of production which needs implementing. With advancing technologies, old legacy production work will also need updating to the latest technologies

Mediawide offers both types of offshore production services – day to day production of adverts, marketing material, or templates for the Brandmark Web to Print solution. Additionally, repurposing legacy production work such as Flash Banner Ads, or Flash Educational Slides to HTML5/JavaScript Ads.

  • Flash/ActionScript to HTML5/JavaScript

    As more and more systems are utilizing HTML5, Flash is becoming more and more a legacy product. There is a large requirement to convert Flash content to HTML5, but there are no tools that can effectively do this automatically.

    Mediawide offshore production services have produced a toolset that can re-purpose existing Flash content, this toolset utilizes current Adobe technology, and Mediawide proprietary technology. The end result is responsive HTML5/CSS3 which can be used for Web Banner Ads, education slides and any other HTML5 interactivities.

    The offshore production services process involves examining the architecture of the legacy flash content, exporting the required assets, and recreating the Design, Interactivity and ActionScripts in HTML5/JavaScript. Mediawide offshore production services will also look into enhancing and optimizing the code for optimal performance.

  • Outsourced Ad Production

    Creation of Print Ads can be a large expense for Newspapers and Magazines, therefore Mediawide offshore production services offers an outsourcing solution which passes the production process to Mediawide.

    Mediawide have created production processes and Ad Tracking systems which optimizes the time to obtain the creative brief, produce the Ad, send proofs and get feedback, and deliver the final print ready PDF to the publication.

    Mediawide offshore production services can constantly cut your costs of Advert Production, and with the associated Brandmark Web-to-Print solution, local offices can also localize, customize and resize Print Ads on-line, and deliver to publications automatically.

  • Premedia Services

    Mediawide offshore production services also offers Premedia services; this includes layout design, Graphic design, Ad adaptation for print and web, and Image Processing. If you require any type Premedia Services, then Mediawide can offer these services at a very reasonable cost.

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