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    Integration with Planning Systems

    Brandmark Retail delivers close integration with third party promotion and event planning systems – giving immediate access to product databases, pricing and promotion plans.

    All publications can be created collaboratively, using corporate digital assets for consistent messaging to select the most effective products and offers for the target segment.

    End-to end workflows embrace brand and promotion planning and management through to delivery of marketing collateral to individual stores – based on event and media schedules defined by the marketing planners.

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    InDesign workflows

    The page building is accomplished through a browser interface, the pages of the catalog will be rendered on the Adobe InDesign Server.

    This will generate complete Adobe InDesign pages with zone information, which can be ‘checked-out’ on to the InDesign Desktop Client, and enhanced even more by trained production staff.

    Once completed, the page can be checked back in ready for the next round of proofing and promotion/pricing updates.

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    Brandmark contains three core elements, the Content Execution Engine, the Content Workflow Engine, and the UX Designer.

    With these three elements clients can customize the workflow and the design of the system to meet their own requirements.

    This in turn results in The Brandmark Retail Promotion Execution Platform cutting the execution cycle time by 44 percent and saving time and cost.

  • photo of catalogs designed by Brandmark, the Promotion Execution solution for Retail

    Catalog Design

    The design of the catalog is defined within Adobe InDesign, but with flexible and variable grids defined at the Page Building stage using an Internet Browser.

    The HTML5 Editor is then used to ‘edit’ the page, moving elements and getting the look & feel right for the page.

    All the corporate digital assets can be part of the Digital Asset Management system so corporate identity and branding is kept uniform and integral.

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    Proofing within Brandmark for Retail is accomplished on-line using Brandmark’s SoftProofing tool.

    This web-based tool allows the user to see prior versions, and different zones within the same browser window to easily identify changes.

    ‘Sticky Notes’ can be added to AdSpots, that can then be read by the project managers and production users to make the necessary changes.

  • Gantt charts depicting time savings using Promotion Execution for Retail from Mediawide


    Using Brandmark for Retail, users can typically reduce their design phase by half.

    Brandmark Retail Promotion Execution Platform delivered a nine-day gain in a Promotions Execution cycle of 21 days, reducing production labor by 68 percent and increasing the typical Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) in Retail Promotions by three so in a typical instance the initial page design and planning can be reduced from 2 hours per page to 10 minutes per page!

  • Letterboxes dipicting the zomes in the Promotion Execution for Retail solution from Mediawide


    Zoning is completely incorporated into the Brandmark for Retail Solution, allowing for product and pricing changes to occur per zone per page.

    This is very simple and intuitive to setup and use.

  • Screenshot of the Promotion Execution for Retail platform

    Page Building

    Page building process is completed in the browser; creating the page grid, selecting which product to place in which spot and in which zone.

    Even making design changes can be achieved using the browser utilizing Brandmark’s intuitive HTML5 AdBuilding tools.

    These tools can add, move and delete objects, change typography (based on brand guidelines) and enhance the appearance of the page elements.

  • Output from the Promotion Execution for Retail platform from Mediawide


    Once the flyer/output is created, a simple process generates all the PDFs required for print, including separate PDFs for specific zones.

    ePub3 export is also possible for interactive digital flyers accessible on tablet devices.

    The same database which created the flyer/output can also be used to automatically create the shelf talkers, and POP, POS and OOH signage using the Brandmark Batch Adaptation module.

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