Brandmark Web to Print APi/SDK

A comprehensive APi for bridging Brandmark modules with third party solutions

workflow showing where the Brandmark Web to Print APi fits

Brandmark contains APi’s for the Print Ad Builder, Flash Ad Builder, HTML5 AdBuilder, Workflow, DAM, InDesign Server Plug-ins, and many other Brandmark modules.

Brandmark APi’s are comprehensive SOAP implemented Web Services. It allows handshaking between Brandmark and other systems for such tasks as user authentication, template discovery, Ad Builder usage, PDF Generation, Artwork Delivery, Batch Adaptation and VDP generation.

  • 1. Authentication

    User authentication is always required before any other use of the Brandmark Web to Print APi, and once authenticated, a Session ID can be used for ease of use and speed.

  • 2. Web Methods

    Once the system is authenticated, Web to Print APi web methods can be used to get a list of templates, systems can retrieve templates based on the size, type, category, and any other custom metadata.

    Once the template is chosen, the Ad Builder can be called to allow for customization and localization of the artwork. ‘Pre-config’ settings can be defined to set permissions, or these can be automatically retrieved through the Brandmark SDK.

  • 3. APi for Integration

    Built on Web Services, Brandmark Ad Builder can be integrated into other third party systems, giving the ability for users to seamlessly create and edit branded marketing material within their own solution.

  • 4. PDF Generation

    Once the artwork is generated, a low resolution PDF can be created and displayed to the end user. The Brandmark Web to Print APi can also inform the third party solution of the URN, path to the JPG thumbnail, and low resolution PDF. All of these can be used to display the artwork, re-edit it, or simply move it along the workflow.

  • 5. Advanced APi Solution

    The Brandmark APi can be used for more advanced implementations where only the back-end InDesign Server Plug-ins and the Job Queue Manager are called. This allows for an XML based workflow to render InDesign files on the Server. For more complex artworks, the Brandmark Web to Print APi can call the Brandmark re-size engine to automatically re-size artworks for Newspaper Advertisements, or in store signage, POP/POS.

    The Brandmark Web to Print APi is a comprehensive set of APIs, that gives you complete control over your own workflow.

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