Brandmark Workflow Management

A workflow management system which takes you from campaign planning to delivery

visual display of the Brandmark Workflow Management System

Project Management for print and digital promotions can be controlled using Brandmark’s configurable system, that manages tasks & priorities across several layers of planning, building, proofing, approval and final delivery.

Each stage of the workflow can be configured and designed, so only the users responsible for that task, are notified and can see project elements. Permissions are applied so different levels of view and editing can be achieved.

The Brandmark Workflow Management System is essentially the brains behind the complete Brandmark Solution

  • Campaign Management

    Promotional campaigns need careful management in order to meet tight deadlines.

    Brandmark’s Workflow Manager provides a workflow system for such projects while ensuring 100% adherence to guidelines and efficacy of data.

  • Approvals Management

    As projects proceed, tasks can be automatically routed for approval to the appropriate department or persons based on hierarchy and organizational layers. Based on their user permissions, Approvers can view or edit the material, make comments, then approve, disapprove or escalate the project.

  • Delivery Management

    Deliveries are managed according to the nature of the medium and the arrived-at stage in the production workflow. Brandmark’s Workflow Manager ensures delivery of approved documents to print as high-resolution PDF files with markings for respective zones if applicable, built using the correct ICC profiles and PDF Job Options.

    Deliveries for new media include Flash Banner Ads or HTML5 Banner Ads for website publishing. Interactive applications in native iOS are routed through iTunes for iPad & iPhone. HTML5 based applications are routed through other ad networks & stores for Android and Windows 8 platforms.

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