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Mediawide’s HTML5 based WYSIWYG Ad-builder allows designers to quickly create engaging HTML5 content across all media (and formats). The Ad-builder is a white-labeled solution and structured as a plug-in framework. It can be easily integrated with any Digital Asset Management, content management or workflow system, CRM or Marketing Automation Platform. The Ad-builder supports Print (PDF), Web Banners/ Mobile Ads (JPG, Animated GIF, Rich Media HTML5, MP4) and Personalized Videos (HTML5 and MP4).

Key Features:

  • - Create stunning animations that are light weight and mobile friendly.
  • - Automatically adjust your ad creative to fit the size and orientation of the media.
  • - Flexi-fit rules and font equalization set your content size, leading and kerning.
  • - Element anchoring, scaling methods and white space rules ensure that every adaptation looks flawless.
  • - A WYSIWYG App with thoughtful features for creative adaptations.

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