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FAQs about Personalized Videos: Every One of Your Customers is One in a Million!

Personalized Videos

Nowadays, the only way to drive your consumers is by offering them an instant gratification. Your customers deserve the right treatment because – every one of your customer is one in a million! And, that makes personalized videos a critical component of any modern marketing organization.

Recently, we participated in several consumer shows starting with adTech Mumbai where we launched our personalized videos offering, followed by adTech New Delhi, the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and the Digital Travel Summit APAC in Singapore.

Overall, we had a great response at these events and based on the discussions with our booth visitors we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about personalized videos.

  1. What is a personalized video?
  2. A personalized video is any video content that is tailor-made to best serve each of your audience groups or one-to-one individuals of an audience segment. In technical terms, a personalized video is the result of a merger between data and videos.

  3. How does personalized video help marketers?
  4. The possibilities for how and where you can use personalized videos are really endless.

    You may choose to serve videos to anonymous customer segments based on geo-location, demographics or website behavior or hyper-personalize the video by including details like first name, city and product owned inside the video.

    Thus, personalized videos find extensive use cases across the customer lifecycle stages. Whether remarketing to an unknown site user, onboarding a signed-up user or upselling to a registered customer, personalized videos prove to be significantly effective.

    Marketers also have the ability to make these videos interactive by including clickable call-to-action buttons, survey-type questions or lead gen forms within the video itself.

    Leaders from highly competitive industry verticals like Airlines, Automobiles, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Retail and eCommerce view personalized video marketing as a great differentiator.

  5. How do personalized videos work?
  6. You can use an existing video or commission a new piece to become the template — the video that will act as a shell for each subsequent personalized video.

    Then, you link the data from your Data Management Platforms (DMPs) like a CRM or PIM solution or just upload a basic excel spreadsheet. The Mediawide platform pulls the desired data, such as first name, product image, price, and discount offer etc., and feeds it into the placeholders in the video template where variable tags have been inserted.

    Next, you need to distribute these videos. Using a marketing automation software, like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Adobe Campaign or Eloqua you can choose to send out the personalized video as an on-demand link placed on a static preview image or as an offline video link that is pre-created and placed on a personalized preview image. Each person who clicks on the image is sent to a landing page where they can view and experience their own personalized video.

  7. How would personalized videos fit in your cross-channel marketing campaigns?
  8. When you want to act in real-time to deliver customized, multi-channel experiences, personalization is the optimal video solution. You don’t want to bombard your audiences with a generic message across channels.

    For example, you are an airlines company with an eCommerce website and noticed that a registered user visited your site to book a plane ticket from London to New York to fly on 26th August, 2019, but for some reason abandoned the shopping cart without making the purchase. You can remarket to this user on your website and email with personalized video carrying details like, his first name, travel source and destination, date of travel and a video clip of the destination. You want to keep him excited about his upcoming journey. This video could also carry a personalized coupon code for the user to redeem and get a discount.

    According to a study, 62% of consumers expect companies to send personalized offers. If your customer were one amongst these, he would be delighted to receive a personalized message and an offer that encourages him to buy the ticket.

  9. How to select the right message?
  10. Marketers are striving to go beyond the basics. On one hand, 57% consumers are willing to share their personal information for customized discounts and offers but at the same time, many are worried about creepy misuse of this data by brands. So, it is very important that brands use personalized videos like their trump card only to engage the right set of audience with the right message. People don’t just want personalized communication, but products and services that are also tailored to them.

  11. What skills and technologies do you need to run personalized videos campaign?
  12. Regardless of your position as either a marketer, business developer, eCommerce or CRM manager, you adopt any latest trend in the market only to increase sales, obviously. Like any other marketing activity, personalized video marketing also requires planning, setting your business goals, integrations with other technology ecosystems, assigning the team for selecting right audiences, messaging and content creation.

    On the technology front, you need a robust technology like the Mediawide Creative Management Platform (CMP) that can create a shell video template, pull in the correct data (receiver’s name, product information, images and videos) into this template, scale the production and distribute 500, 1000 or 5000 personalized videos via an email marketing tool to each of your customers. A solution like the Mediawide CMP is a great support because the technology comes with a Digital Asset Management integration in the backend and a Marketing Automation Platform integration in the front.

  13. How to measure the success of personalized videos campaign?
  14. In the end, let us admit that we live in a data-driven world and numbers are key to determine success of any new program or initiative. So we built analytics is at the heart of the Mediawide CMP. Our platform gives you the data for videos played, completed, and any other engagement happening inside the video like clicking a CTA button. You can compare this data with your previously delivered standard email campaigns and determine if your customer was truly “wowed” with videos and personalization.

    We hope you found the above questionnaire informative. Personalized video marketing has several benefits often related to customer engagement, sales acceleration through remarketing and upselling or onboarding and retaining the loyalty of a new customer.

    Are you interested in learning how to make personalized videos a part of your marketing program? We are here to help!

Glenn is the VP of Technology and responsible for enterprise sales, client engagement, and Channel Marketing with leading Creative Operations, Marketing Automation, and Co-Op/MDF program administration firms in the US, Canada and UK.