Launching InDesign to Web Banners and Landing Pages

Don’t just talk to your customers. Talk relevant.

Mediawide offers an end-to-end

Creative Management Platform

that allows brands to use contextual content while talking to their customers. This platform can be applied across media from print and web to direct personalized videos and enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, scale, distribute and measure their digital creatives.


Streamline design, improve workflows, and optimize all creatives for both, digital and print campaigns.

Employ machine learning, automated picture cropping, automatic size and design generation and other computer-assists to generate a large variety of ad creatives.

Integrations available with Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs).

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Build, distribute and measure the impact of personalized videos. Email marketing with audience segmentation can be empowered with personalized video communications.

Customize ready to print marketing collateral material for multi-channel campaign execution.

Integrations available with some of the major Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs).

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Used by world-class brands, publishers and agencies.