Mediawide is a global Alfresco Technology Partner. Mediawide has integrations with Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Business Services.

Alfresco is a commercial, open-source software company that provides simply a better way for people to work, ensuring they have the right information they need, exactly when they need it most. Alfresco software powers the daily work of more than 11 million people at industry-leading organizations in more than 190 countries worldwide.

The Creative Management Platform is a marketing collateral creation platform, allowing users to customize and localize marketing collateral. It will enable customers to create templates within Adobe® InDesign® and use them to create personalized marketing content. Digital HTML5 Templates are created and used to localize and customize web banner ads, landing pages, email templates, and to generate customized videos. Templates, images, and deliverables are stored and managed with access to all Alfresco ECM functionality. CMP is a platform that allows customers to respond to ever-growing demands for localized and customized marketing.

Product Highlights

  • Supports Adobe® InDesign® for print template creation.
  • Supports Mediawide Animation Editor or Mediawide Professional Services for creation of Digital HTML5 Templates.
  • Templates are uploaded and stored in Alfresco ECM.
  • User access and permissions are handled by Alfresco ECM.
  • Users can change text and images directly in the browser, without affecting brand guidelines.
  • Allows Non-proportionate resizing of assets.
  • Batch Adaptation is possible through upload of a CSV file.
  • Includes HTML5 responsive web banner and personalized video creation.
  • Includes portal interface to the Mediawide Creative Management Platform.

Value Proposition

  • Embedded marketing collateral creation solution allowing Alfreco ECM users to create custom content, initiate and manage, review and approval, and deliver approved content to print and digital channels.
  • Accelerates marketing collateral creation for faster time to market (80% overall reduction in project time, end-to-end - when compared to traditional processes involving a Media Agency).
  • Reduces costs for ‘marketing collateral creation’ (10X reduction in asset development cost).
  • Enhances brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.
  • Protects brand identity.