Mediawide is an OpenText Digital Experience Solution Extension Provider and Technology Partner with OpenText Globally.

OpenText enables the digital world, creating a better way for organizations to work with information, on-premises, or in the cloud. Make the right impact as your customers interact with your brand. The OpenText™ Experience Platform provides the solutions you need to connect entire customer journeys – across all critical touchpoints – ensuring you exceed expectations while optimizing operations.

Mediawide has joined forces with OpenText and now offers the Creative Management Platform and the Personalized Interactive Video Platform as Solution Extensions to OpenText Media Management DAM, OpenText ExStream, and OpenText EmPower.

OpenText Media Management DAM Integration.

Within Opentext, the Creative Management Platform is officially known as ‘OpenText Content Localization for Media Management by Mediawide,’ but it’s more commonly known as the ‘Asset Builder.’

The Asset Builder is a marketing collateral creation platform, allowing users to customize and localize marketing collateral. It will enable customers to create templates within Adobe® InDesign® and use them to create personalized marketing content. Digital HTML5 Templates are created and used to localize and customize web banner ads, landing pages, email templates, and to generate customized videos directly in the OpenText Media Management UI. Templates, images, and deliverables are stored and managed with access to all OTMM functionality. Asset Builder is a platform that allows customers to respond to ever-growing demands for localized and customized marketing.

Product Highlights

  • Supports Adobe® InDesign® for print template creation.
  • Supports Mediawide Animation Editor or Mediawide Professional Services for creation of Digital HTML5 Templates.
  • Templates are uploaded and stored in OpenText Media Management.
  • User access and permissions are handled by OpenText Media Management.
  • Users can change text and images directly in the browser, without affecting brand guidelines.
  • Allows Non-proportionate resizing of assets.
  • Batch Adaptation is possible through upload of a CSV file.
  • Includes HTML5 responsive web banner and personalized video creation.
  • Includes portal interface to the Mediawide Creative Management Platform.

Value Proposition

  • Embedded marketing collateral creation solution allowing Media Management users to create custom content, initiate and manage, review and approval, and deliver approved content to print and digital channels.
  • Accelerates marketing collateral creation for faster time to market (80% overall reduction in project time, end-to-end - when compared to traditional processes involving a Media Agency).
  • Reduces costs for ‘marketing collateral creation’ (10X reduction in asset development cost).
  • brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.
  • Protects brand identity.

OpenText ExStream and EmPower Integration.

Within OpenText, the Personalized Interactive Video Platform is known as the ‘OpenText Personalized Interactive Videos for ExStream & Empower by Mediawide.’

With Personalized Interactive Videos, you can address the customer by their first name at the outset, delivering a relevant message to them and, if need be, engage them with a unique animated and interactive story.

Send out any number of emails, each with their own personalized video, using your existing Exstream platform or marketing automation software. The Mediaiwide Personalized Interactive Video Platform integrates with OpenText Exstream and OpenText Empower.

Personalized Interactive Videos by Mediawide does not only deliver videos but interactive videos. Conduct surveys, customer profiling, or call to action buttons within the personalized videos to increase and optimize interaction with the consumer. Interactive video analytics are also included, such as Click Through Rates, Video Play, and Video Completion Rates.

Personalized Interactive Videos by Mediawide can be used to connect consumers with personalized content that is both relevant and engaging.

Product Highlights

  • Create Personalized Interactive Videos for one to one messaging within Exstream.
  • Videos can be generated through batch or trickle feed.
  • Personalization is created from the data Exstream uses for native personalization - Text, Images, Audio & Video can be made variable.
  • Extra personalization can be performed by launching the Asset Builder directly from the Empower Editor.
  • Personalized videos are created on a mass scale in real-time, therefore no waiting for the rendering of MP4 files.
  • Created videos are HTML5 animations with optional MP4 videos, audio files, and interactive animations.
  • Very lightweight format.

Value Proposition

  • Personalized videos contained with Email marketing campaigns give 280% greater returns.
  • When you send an email with a personalized video, get.
    • Four times the open rate.
    • Eight times the click-through rate (CTR).
    • 75% fewer subscribers opting out.
  • Customer renewal rates are 12% higher when personalized video is used.
  • Engagement levels are two times higher.
  • Time spent on the page goes up by 62%.