Mediawide Asset Builder for OpenText Media Management

Mediawide Asset Builder is an add-on to the Media Management (OTMM). It helps users to adapt, localize and personalize assets located within the OTMM system.

This asset builder for OTMM works on the principle of ‘create-once, use-many times’. Users can re-purpose, re-express, re-use, and re-create print, digital and video content directly inside OTMM.

  • Branded digital assets such as Web Banner Ads, Mobile Ads, Animated Videos and Social Media graphics can be customized and localized from within OTMM.
  • Branded Print based Adobe® InDesign® assets such as Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, Ads, Business cards etc. can be adapted and localized using dynamic resizing, typography controls, language translation and layout rules.
  • Pre-approved brand guidelines compliant assets can be stored and organized in folders and accessed as a master template directly within OTMM.
  • The text and images in the master template can be edited, and these can be linked and sourced from PIMs, CRMs or other databases.
  • The final output can be HTML5 or MP4 for videos, HTML, GIF or JPG for other Digital assets, and Hi-Res PDF or JPG for Print based assets.
  • The digital assets can be delivered to the end customer by building integrations with Google Ad Servers and Marketing Automation Platforms.
  • User management, permissions and security policies are defined within OTMM to control who can view and customize templates in the Asset Builder.
  • Users can view analytics for video watch time, and clicks on CTA button for personalized videos.