Personalized Interactive Video Platform

Personalized Video Platform

With our Personalized Interactive Video Platform (PVP), create and distribute Personalized Videos on a mass scale in real time, which are used for pre-sales, remarketing, onboarding, and upselling.

You can serve videos to anonymous customer segments based on geolocation, demographics, or website behavior or hyper-personalize the video by including details like first name, city, and product owned inside the video. And within the videos, individuals can interact with the video and directly leverage call to actions.

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Creative Management Platform

Creative Management Platform

Our creative management platform helps you adapt, localize and personalize your marketing campaigns effectively across all media – video, digital and print.

Our platform integrates with some of the world’s major digital asset management (DAM) systems like OpenText Media Management, Adobe Experience Manager, Alfresco and Nuxeo.

The Mediawide Platform can accelerate marketing content creation for faster time to market (80% overall reduction in project time when compared to traditional processes), reduces costs for marketing material creation (10X reduction), and enhances brand equity with consistent branding across outlets and regions.

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Streamline design, improve workflows, and optimize all creatives for both, digital and print campaigns.

Employ machine learning, automated picture cropping, automatic size and design generation and other computer-assists to generate a large variety of ad creatives.


Build, distribute and measure the impact of personalized videos. Email marketing with audience segmentation can be empowered with personalized video communications.

Customize ready to print marketing collateral material for multi-channel campaign execution.

Case Studies

How personalized video campaigns helped Trinity Motors to engage their Mercedes-Benz customers.

How Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform helped an airline company manage faster and efficient banner production.

How Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform helped Printforce to customize and localize marketing materials for real estate agents across Australia.