About Mediawide

Every single avenue of communication as we know it today is dynamic and ever changing. There are always more brands to stand out from and increasingly more impatient consumers to stand out to. The challenge of getting across a message, to potential markets has never been so great.

Mediawide provides cutting edge solutions to bridge this gap. By creating technology for continuously evolving marketplaces we have dedicated ourselves to transforming how brands reach people.

Company History

Mediawide, originally named Sansui Software, was formed in the 1990?s specifically to develop a range of Newspaper based workflow solutions including Editorial and Advertising workflows. In early 2000, Mediawide created the first Real Estate Marketing Solution for Newspapers based on web first technologies – SmartProperty, and moved Mediawide into the Web to Print marketplace. Mediawide expanded out from Newspapers into Corporate Solutions, where Mediawide and the Brandmark solution is still a strong and well-known name.

Mediawide is now a leading developer of innovative web-to-print publishing solutions that simplify customization, localization and adaptation of printed promotional materials including newspaper and magazine ads, large format signage, catalogs, POS signage and FSIs (free standing inserts). To make origination of print and new media content more accessible and more efficient

The company’s solutions are founded on a modular, Service-Oriented Architecture that provides the basis for self-service and distributed publishing solutions in many sectors, including newspaper publishing, commercial printing, retail marketing, direct mail and corporate in-house marketing services.

With Mediawide solutions, companies can improve services to customers, advertisers and in-house marketers by giving 24/7 control over content and at the same time reduce production costs and manage consistency of branding.

Mediawide is a privately held company with over 150 employees world-wide. International business is handled through Mediawide subsidiary companies in Gloucester, UK for EMEA and Piscataway, NJ for the Americas.

Support Information

If you are a current Mediawide client and require support, please visit the Mediawide Helpdesk ticketing system to report any issues you are currently experiencing. If you need urgent telephone support, please use the Contact Us page.

Board of Directors

  • Revi Dugal Picture

    Ravi Dugal

    Chairman of the Board & CEO

  • Ish Parekh Picture

    Ish Parekh


  • Angelo Fernandes Picture

    Angelo Fernandes


  • N.S Ahluwalia Picture

    N.S. Ahluwalia


  • Nitin Palekar Picture

    Nitin Palekar


The Senior Team

  • Glenn Bailey Picture

    Glenn Bailey

    VP, Technology

  • Prashant Sanodia Picture

    Prashant Sanodia

    Senior Product Manager

  • Neelam Koul Picture

    Neelam Koul

    Senior Product Manager

  • Farzana Arethwala Picture

    Farzana Arethwala

    Senior Product Manager

  • Anil Tomar Picture

    Anil Tomar

    Senior Product Manager

  • Vishwas Karanje Picture

    Vishwas Karanje

    Senior Product Manager

  • Meenakshi Varshney Picture

    Meenakshi Varshney

    Senior Product Manager

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