Mediawide offers Personalized Interactive Video Platform and Creative Management Platform that allows brands to use contextual content while talking to their customers. This platform can be applied across media from print and web to direct personalized videos and enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, scale, distribute and measure their digital creatives.

We are a company that focusses on simple solutions for easy and effective customer engagement. Mediawide is headquartered in United Kingdom, with its development center in India.

Mastering publishing

Mediawide was established in 1999 with the purpose of helping publishers manage their editorial and advertising content. Mediawide built a web to print system that was well ahead of its time. In a matter of years both regional and national publishers were using this system.

Reaching out to brands

It wasn’t long before Mediawide spotted a glaring gap in the marketing process – between the designed marketing campaign and its actual roll out in different markets. Mediawide thus entered the field of corporate marketing, initially helping brands manage their print communication. Mediawide attained global corporate clients and soon became a trusted name in the marketing and advertising industry.

Going digital

With the advent of digital technologies Mediawide entered the digital space, supporting digital and even video adaptations – a first in its category. Today Mediawide can manage a brand’s entire creative portfolio – from traditional print ads, signages and collaterals to web banners, emailers and personalized videos from a single system. are just a few of the companies who avail of Mediawide’s solutions.