Keep it Personalized, Keep it Interactive

Improve conversion rates with personalized videos, landing pages and emails to connect consumers with content that is both relevant and engaging. With our Personalized Interactive Video Platform you can create and distribute Personalized Videos on a mass scale in real time, which can be used for pre-sales, remarketing, onboarding and upselling.

With Creative Management Platform, you create templates and customize ready-to-print marketing collateral materials at scale to ensure consistency in your cross-channel marketing campaign.

Personalized Interactive video Platform

Digital Marketing


Merge data and videos to deliver an exceptional engaging experience to the receiver.


Address the customer by first name at the outset, deliver a relevant message to him and if need be, engage him with a unique story.

Audience Segmentation

Serve videos to anonymous customers based on geo-location or demographics via paid media and get more bang for your marketing buck.

Multiplicity of Emails

Send out any number of emails, each with their own personalized video, using an email platform or marketing automation software.


Conduct surveys, customer profiling or include call to action buttons in HTML5 videos to increase and optimize interaction with the consumer.

Corporate Identity - Keep it consistent

Create Corporate Stationery with CMP

Mediawide’s CMP allows you to create attractive templates for your corporate identity requirements that can be customized and rolled out as and when required.

Office Stationery

Get clean and sharp looking print-ready stationery products from letterheads to receipt books and invoice paper.

Business Cards

Design business card templates of various sizes with different background images and contact information for high quality printing on different paper types.