• Partner Programs

    Mediawide has multiple levels of partner status, from resellers to OEM partners, Mediawide is organized to work together with partners.

    Please contact Mediawide for more details on how you can become a partner.

  • Resellers

    GraphEast is a reseller for Mediawide in the Middle East Regions

    Kshobha Pte Ltd
    Kshobha Pte Ltd is a reseller for Mediawide in China

    OEM Partners

    OpenText Inc
    Opentext are an OEM Technology Partner who utilizes Brandmark within OpenText Media Management Solution

    Newscycle (Formally ATEX)
    Newscycle is an OEM Partner who utilizes the Brandmark AdBuilder within their OneView AdBooking Solution

    Eastman Kodak
    Eastman Kodak is an OEM Partner

  • Business Development Partners

    The Mega Group
    The Mega Group handle Mediawides Business development within the USA

    Gistics is a marketing partner for Mediawide

    Technology Partners

    Adobe Inc
    Adobe Inc is a technology Partner for Mediawide

    Studio March
    Studio March is a technology partner for Mediawide

    HP Scitex
    HP Scitex is a technology Partner for Mediawide

    Mediawide uses the Amazon Cloud infrastructure in the USA

    Mediawide uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure in Asia
    Mediawide also uses Microsoft Server technology

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