Personalized Interactive Videos

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With the tremendous rise in video content marketing, brands find it challenging to acquire new customers, improve conversion rates and increase sales with the content that is both relevant and engaging. It’s a form of marketing that isn’t going anywhere, so it becomes essential to tailor content and elevate customer’s experience every single time. And for brands and marketers, nothing can work better than Personalized Interactive Videos – a simple solution for easy and effective customer engagement.

How Mediawide can help?

With our Personalized Interactive Videos Platform (PVP), create and distribute Personalized Videos on a mass scale in real time, which are used for pre-sales, remarketing, onboarding, and upselling.

You can serve videos to anonymous customer segments based on geolocation, demographics, or website behavior or hyper-personalize the video by including details like first name, city, and product owned inside the video. And within the videos, individuals can interact with the video and directly leverage call to actions.

Hyper Personalization

Data Management Platform

You can link your CRM or upload a basic excel spreadsheet to pull the desired data, such as first name, product image, price, and discount offers etc. Then feed it into the placeholders in the video template where variable tags have been inserted.

Marketing Automation Platform

Using marketing automation platforms like Opentext Exstream, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Adobe Campaign, or Oracle Eloqua, together with the Mediawide batch adaptations method, you can send hundreds or thousands of personalized video links via email.

In-built Analytics

Our platform gives you the data for videos played, completed, and any other engagement happening inside the video, such as clicking a CTA button. You can use these analytics to compare with your previous email marketing efforts.

Email Personalization

Personalized videos give 280% greater returns than traditional email, have four times more open-rates, and eight times more click through rates (CTR). Engagement levels are two times higher, and renewal rates are 12% higher in customers who watch a personalized video.

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Personalized Interactive Videos
for OpenText Exstream

Personalized Video for OpenText

Mediawide is an OpenText Customer Experience Management Solution Extension Provider and Technology Partner.

  • Create personalized videos for one to one messaging within Exstream and Empower.
  • Can be managed through batch processing or on demand requests.
  • Personalization is created from the data Exstream uses for native personalization.
  • Extra personalization can be performed by launching the Personalized Video Editor directly from the Empower Editor.
  • Created videos are HTML5 animations with optional MP4 video, audio files, and interactive animations.

Personalized Interactive Videos-
Across all industries

Your customers deserve the right treatment because every one of your customers is one in a million! And, that makes personalized videos a critical component of any modern marketing organization. Here are the use cases of some industries where Personalized Videos are used.

Financial Services

A bank could use personalized videos to send current and saving account summaries, and based on their financial behavior, cross-sell a credit card or investment plan.

A wealth management company could make customer onboarding incredibly fulfilling by explaining how customers’ invested funds will grow and introduce the customer to his relationship manager, providing his name, email, and contact number for all future communications.


When a potential customer starts a check out process but drops out before completing the purchase, the company can send him a personalized video with his name, video footage of the destination location, and a discount code that would encourage the user to buy the ticket.

It can also be used for upselling, wherein an economy class passenger is sent a video listing the various benefits of an upgraded travel experience, and an exciting promotional offer on a business class upgrade.


Remind customers about their car servicing due date, along with information on the nearest authorized service center and the various servicing packages offered by the company.

Upsell a newly launched model to lower or older model owners at discounted rates.

You can check out here how a Personalized Video campaign helped to engage Mercedes Benz Customers.

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Real Estate

Using personalized videos, real-estate companies can provide virtual tours of the property of interest.

Once a property has been booked, companies can provide critical details through personalized videos, including construction updates, development specifics, next installment due date, etc.

Video personalization, is crucial, and it’s a great way to connect with your customers. Are you interested in learning how to make personalized videos a part of your marketing program? We are here to help!