5 Myths about Personalized Video Marketing

5 Myths about Personalized Video Marketing

If you want your brands to re-grow to a new height, you need to give your attention to Personalized Video Marketing.  You need to stop believing wrong myths, which prevents you from trying personalized videos.

In this blog post, we are going to be debunking five personalized video marketing myths.

  • It’s expensive
  • Its’s time-consuming
  • It’s non- interactive
  • It’s not trackable
  • It’s not scalable

It’s expensive 

As they say, “Marketing isn’t optional—it’s a good cost,” essential to bringing in revenues. Like any other marketing campaign, personalized video campaigns come with a workable cost and higher returns.

Marketers report a 760% increase in email revenue from personalized and segmented campaigns. – Campaign Monitor

Companies using advanced personalization report a $20 return for every $1 spent. – Clickz

Mediawide can undoubtedly help to optimize and streamline your personalized video campaigns and earn positive results. From Financial and Insurance to retail and utilities, we offer various templates and help Brands to customize and personalize in their budget.

To know more about pricing, please visit http://personalizedvideoplatform.mediawide.com/pricing

It’s time-consuming

To ensure right-time marketing, you always need to plan and segment your audience in the right way. With a good video platform and approach, you will find it is simple to set aside some hours to implement real-time personalized videos at scale to reach your customers.

Check out how an airline company with Mediawide can do personalized upselling in just 50 seconds!!

It’s non-interactive

Gone are when some monotonous video campaigns could help reach a large segment and lead to conversions. Now this concept of one-size-fits-all does not seem to be working.

This era is of Personalization and Interactive Experiences. But here a question pops up, can Personalized Videos have interactive elements? Yes, with Mediawide Personalized Interactive Video Platform, we offer Brands to adjust levels of interactive elements in their personalized videos.

Brands can serve videos to anonymous customer segments based on geolocation, demographics, and website behavior, or hyper-personalize the video by including details like first name, city, and product owned inside the video.

Mobile bill personalized video template

The videos can be interactive by including clickable call-to-action buttons, survey-type questions, or lead gen forms within the video itself.

It’s not trackable

They say it’s not easy to track personalized videos, and after spending a few dollars, there is no proper analytics attached to personalized marketing campaigns. Is it so?

A robust platform like Mediawide’s Personalized Interactive Video Platform gives you the data for videos played, completed, and any other engagement happening inside the video like clicking a CTA button. You can compare this data with your previously delivered standard email campaigns and determine if your customer was indeed “wowed” with videos and personalization.

Based on the viewing pattern, you can undoubtedly take the right actions and strategize your next campaign’s video content for the qualified leads.

Here is a video to watch how you can view analytics when you run personalized video campaigns with Mediawide

It’s not scalable

Many brands presume that personalized content cannot scale from one individual customer to thousands of customers. Is it really the case?

Personalized video marketing does not mean creating customized and personalized pieces of content for every individual customer. It is a form of marketing to target many similar customers with personalized elements and information for each of them.  With personalized videos, brands can broadcast their message to a broader audience on a mass scale and in real-time. 

With Mediawide Personalized Interactive Video Platform, you can create 1000s of videos at one click. Be it cross-selling or upselling. Our platform helps you to scale and ensure a good ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line

To date, many brands are still reluctant and do not consider this form of marketing to be effective. Often, such myths are the reasons to turn away from Personalized Video Marketing.

With this blog, Mediawide aims to break down these myths and provide insights to create successful personalized video campaigns. This includes creating simple personalized videos and incorporating other elements like interactivity, call to actions, URLs, and accurate customer data.

It’s time to choose the right Personalized Interactive Video Platform. You can contact our team to schedule a quick demo or sign-up and get started with 50 free credits to create personalized videos at scale.


Glenn is the VP of Technology and responsible for enterprise sales, client engagement, and Channel Marketing with leading Creative Operations, Marketing Automation, and Co-Op/MDF program administration firms in the US, Canada and UK.