7 Benefits of a Creative Management Platform for Real Estate Marketers

7 Benefits of a Creative Management Platform for Real Estate Marketers

The number of ways one can buy and sell property online these days is putting increasing pressure on real-estate marketers. This is not about tossing aside the traditional channels but learning to embrace and add new digital marketing channels to the mix.

Real estate brokers, developers and third-party marketers must use creativity and technology in order to market properties, compete with each other and break through the clutter to stand out.

It is also noticed that in real estate, most marketers do not see a good return on their marketing spends because they still take a very fragmented approach towards it. They do a little of everything – newspaper ads, billboards, social media posts and if budget allows, some paid ads on mobile, web and social. Some even invest in videos to offer a virtual tour of their property and upcoming projects.

To bridge this gap between productivity and profitability, realtors need to prepare for new marketing realities end-to-end.

7 things leading real estate marketers do differently that separates them from others:

  1. Produce Customized Content
  2. The good part about digital marketing channels is they equip brands with hyper-segmented data about their customers such as, location, age, gender, income level, etc. Leading real-estate marketers use this data to learn in-depth about their customers and hyper-personalize their offerings. This ensures a shorter sales cycle and better overall customer experience for the buyer.

    A CMP allows brands to bulk produce creative asset adaptations with ease. Like the below example, a national real estate company could easily use a CMP to produce multiple variants of the same ad to promote a local real estate agent contact in its various locations.

    Customized Content - Agent Ad

  3. Produce More Assets
  4. When you go omni-channel, every channel has its own size dimensions, formats and specifications defined. Every brand needs to comply with these creative guidelines to deliver high-quality content.

    A CMP allows marketers to produce multiple size and format variations of the asset at a click of a button. In the example below, you can see the various sizes of the same creative produced for social, web and mobile ads.

    Real estate agent Ads - 7 diffrent style collage

  5. Reduce Cost of Production
  6. Real-estate brands can free up time, money and resources to deal with more pressing business challenges like property price fluctuations or dealing with government entities by automating repetitive creative tasks with a CMP.

    A CMP helps designers do what they do best, which is design and keeps them motivated and committed. Overall, such automation helps marketers achieve a greater ROI on their initiatives and reduces the overall cost of production.

    Nike Quote

    Source – viget.com

  7. Reduce Production Time per Asset
  8. A CMP allows customization of promotional assets much faster reducing your time to market as properties get sold out quickly or re-opened by investors.

    Several assets can be reused as needed, or can serve as models for the creation of new marketing assets, as shown in the example below.

    Real Estate - 3 variation ads

  9. Achieve Creative Liberty
  10. With the right CMP, brands achieve creative liberty to produce any types of assets, for all types of media. For example, the Mediawide CMP is the only platform that caters to all media be it print, web or video.

    Marketers can produce any number of JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5, MP4, PDF file types without any hassles or restrictions.

    File Icons

  11. Optimize Team’s Talent and Time
  12. The Mediawide CMP comes with a fully integrated digital asset manager that allows marketers to store, organize and manage their creative assets. It also has an in-built workflow management system for review, commenting and approvals management.

    This helps teams across geographies to collaborate efficiently and be more productive.

  13. Achieve Brand Consistency
  14. Governance is a key to brand consistency and your main differentiator between an asset dumping ground full of useless, outdated content and a place where your in-house teams and third-party agencies can easily find what is accurate and brand compliant.

    A CMP also allows you to give your regional teams easy access to your creative inventory helping them create suitable local promotions and personalize these assets using their own CRM data.

    Real Estate site Image

Ish is the Director of Go-to-Market Strategy responsible for driving Mediawide’s revenue growth. He has consulted several well-known international brands across Automotive, Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology verticals.