Two sides of a bridge: Digital Assets Management and Creative Operations Management Systems

Two sides of a bridge: Digital Assets Management and Creative Operations Management Systems

The DAM Europe 2018 is fast approaching and I am excited to participate once again after a successful Henry Stewart DAM New York 2018 Conference on May 3-4!

DAM EU is about the art & practice of managing digital media and it stresses the importance of the future of AI in business, the right platforms for digital media, processes and people required to maximize productivity in the creative process.

As Europe’s largest conference dedicated to bringing together group heads, departmental heads, managing directors, directors, SVPs, EVPs, VPs and senior managers from the world of Digital asset management, Digital media, Marketing operations and Content management this event is poised to be a great show you wouldn’t want to miss!

With the onset of this digital wave, the marketing function has transitioned largely from print to web and from text to rich media: audio, video, images, animations and graphics. Enterprises of all shapes and sizes struggle to manage these digital marketing assets.

While DAM technologies enable you with a single source of truth for all your content:

  • your content is not created on a DAM system
  • your audiences don’t interact with it on a DAM system

So why invest in a DAM?

Firstly, let’s clarify the above stated two points:
  • content creation happens in Creative Operations Management (COM) systems
  • content consumption happens on the website, social media and email.
Digital Asset management (DAM) and Creative Operations Management (COM)

While Digital Asset Management stores, organizes and collaborates an organization’s digital assets such as images, videos, presentations, documents, logos, marketing materials and so on, creative operations management tools like Mediawide help you create, edit to personalize, review, and publish the right content to be delivered to the right individual via the right channel – video, web, print etc.

It takes two sides to build a bridge and DAM and COM are those two sides. The integration of DAMs like Adobe Experience Manager, Nuxeo, Alfresco, OpenText, (and more) with COMs like, Mediawide can help businesses leverage the best of each system in a seamless workflow and information exchange.

The primary goal of a DAM is to drive the value of a digital asset by letting you and your organization easily find, access, retrieve and use the digital files. The combination of DAM and COM tools shines when you have a number of digital assets to create, manage and share internally and externally through multiple channels.

As described above, DAM and COM are different solutions playing different roles and it is not necessarily a question of one or the other. They work as a great team together with a capability that complement each other.

Are you attending DAM EU this year? Mediawide is exhibiting and I would be delighted if you stopped by our booth to say hello! Join me at Europe’s biggest DAM executives gathering and use discount code MEDIAWIDE100 for an extra £100 discount here.

Ish is the Director of Go-to-Market Strategy responsible for driving Mediawide’s revenue growth. He has consulted several well-known international brands across Automotive, Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology verticals.