Do Your Creative Designers Hate Coming to the Office on Monday?

Do Your Creative Designers Hate Coming to the Office on Monday?

Monotonicity in work and lack of motivation contribute to the feeling of unworthiness in any team environment. Employees feel undervalued and lethargic toward your enterprise’s goals when they have to do the work that they are ‘not meant for’. Mostly, this happens when tasks are administrative or repetitive by their very nature.

This poses a problem when what you need is a fired-up in-house marketing team that is not only committed but excited to help you reach goals. With the increasing need for volume, velocity and variety of digital adverts, can you afford your digital creatives coming in frustrated every week?

The Shortfalls of a Mismanaged Creative Process

Life without a Creative Management Platform does not look pretty for digital designers. Instead of working on branding logic and picking coherent messaging and visuals, much of the day-to-day work of a design specialist is lost in tedious, repetitive tasks.

Day in and day out, designers are still spending their working hours coding, optimizing, copy-pasting, and tweaking. And, taking a lot of screenshots. There is little opportunity for them to be creative amidst this chaos.

How do we trust a creative process like this to bring us results?

We have become digital in so many facets of business, yet this sadly paints a realistic picture for many marketing and design teams. Can you risk creative motivation when advertising and marketing are central to your brand’s existence?

The Perks of Having a CMP

It’s not hard to imagine a way to make life less miserable for your design team – here’s a solution. A Creative Management Platform can help up the ante of your digital and print advertising and make your employees feel worthy.

For each of their pain points, a CMP can pose a solution. From allowing you to scale up creative design, adapting these creatives for different geographies and in their regional languages, to helping you distribute and measure your digital creatives, a CMP can be a sigh of relief your creative team craves.

Here’s what you can achieve when you bring a Creative Management Platform into the picture:

  • Better Team Collaboration
  • Building digital advertising campaigns is anything but a one-person task. Of course, your creative individuals need their ‘me’ time for creativity, but that only comes after they are done collaborating. Traditional methods of collaboration such as back-and-forth emails are not the best channels to fire conversations and address suggestions. A Creative Management Platform can help designers deliver better and faster through improved collaboration.

  • Nurture Creativity
  • True personalization can only be achieved by zeroing in on your audience repeatedly until you get to the point where you say, no more. Customization is fast becoming a reality, and it can become a hassle without a dependable CMP. Give your creative individuals a chance to work on futuristic strategies and innovative solutions to keep their dynamism alive.

  • Increase Focus
  • Be it in print or in digital, your marketing and advertising materials need to stand in harmony. Imagine a bunch of design artists creating collaterals for various channels without a CMP. The process would be chaotic, and the results might even then be substandard. With a CMP, everything including web banners, mobile ads, and print creatives can be delivered on a shared theme. Designers are more focused on developing and producing experiences that place the user’s heart at the center of their creatives.

  • Reduce Redundancy
  • Creative back and forth can be exhausting. Designers still need ways of working with traditional elements such as type, imagery, and layout, but also now require ways of being able to make their designs clearly communicate the company’s vision. The sum of all these design elements makes up the user experience. Designers need ways to go beyond editing, resizing and adapting especially, when they design for a multitude of devices and platforms. Employee sluggishness results from having to tweak the design and copy multiple times on various inputs. Cut that to the root with a CMP which helps seamless customization of ad variants for copy, images, fonts, and videos.

  • Create a Propelling Environment
  • Designers need tools that support their fast, fluid movement between modalities – especially in an environment of ever-increasing content demands. Just as John Warnock developed Adobe Illustrator in response to a print design problem, we now need tools to revolutionize how designers create, develop, and produce digital media. The use of future-proof solutions such as CMP to drive creativity within your organization can be your best bet on improving workplace vibrancy and helping customers help you!

  • Optimize Team’s Talent
  • The purpose of design tools is to bring designers back to the original purpose of design: using their minds to solve customer problems. Using a robust CMP, you can simplify complex creative workflows, enable quicker reviews, feedback and approvals, and avail reporting on defined goals. This frees up the time of high potential design team members and allows them to work on high value activities which leads to higher work satisfaction.

  • Improve Leadership Communication
  • Reworks are frustrating. However, with a CMP, your design team can deliver more approved assets in less time. The regional teams can easily access the product inventory, create suitable promotions and customize those with their own CRM data – without any frustrations of redesign, quality approvals, and multiple changes.

Making Employees Look Forward to Mondays- with a CMP

If your employees are dragging themselves to work every week, their lack of will would be evident in their shoddy work – which consumes resources, time, and effort, but leads you nowhere.

However, if your employees have a Creative Management Platform that they can rely on to automate and accelerate the creative process, they will work with increased vigor toward your collective goals as a company.

A CMP can better your bottom line, enhance branding and marketing efforts, and above all, increase employee loyalty toward your company.

Create a holistic digital marketing mix with the right people, processes, and platforms. Mediawide CMP is an intelligent platform that reduces tedious tasks and helps creative employees focus on building coherent branding and marketing materials. Streamline the creative marketing and advertising process to reduce time to market and quicken the creation, distribution, and analysis of creatives.

Digital and print creatives drive your brand’s identity. To establish industry authority, you need to work with a dynamic team that understands your brand and works proactively to make it visible and memorable with innovative creatives.

Mediawide Creative Management Platform is an easy-to-use solution so that your marketers, ad ops, and other employees not in a design-specific role can contribute meaningfully without the need for any technical knowledge.

If you are interested in utilizing the Mediawide platform to take your in-house marketing campaigns to the next level, please get in touch with our team to schedule a quick demo. We are here to help!

Ish is the Director of Go-to-Market Strategy responsible for driving Mediawide’s revenue growth. He has consulted several well-known international brands across Automotive, Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology verticals.