How Creative Management Platform (CMP) can help in 2020 to achieve your marketing goals?

How Creative Management Platform (CMP) can help in 2020 to achieve your marketing goals?

By now, it is a known fact that the creative asset is one of the key drivers of an ad performance, be it digital or print. The most interesting statistic of the year has been provided by an internal study by AppNexus, which stated that over 90% of campaigns use generic creative.

A generic creative is one that doesn’t match its audience, and therefore, $6+ billion being spent on data is getting wasted.

DMPs (Data Management Platforms) and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) are popular for providing access to targeted data and audiences. Then why should the audiences get served generic creatives? Having pondered over this question, many CMPs available in the industry today are evolving from being mere marketing asset repositories to providing intelligence to the creative process. A CMP sits in between a DMP and DSP to create, edit, and serve the most relevant, contextual and personalized creative assets to targeted audiences.

We’re seeing large brands strengthen their creative process by introducing the tech trio of a DSP, DMP, and a CMP to achieve the highest level of personalization in the digital advertising space. Those that already have either of these platforms are enhancing their ROI and adoption by introducing the other two in their tech stack.

In 2020, we hope that more brands are able to see the value of putting in place the right combination of adtech to win more customers and increase their revenue.

At Mediawide: All formats. All channels. All devices.

We’ve seen that marketers, ad ops, and many who may not be directly involved in design are able to create better engagement with our Creative Management Platform (CMP). Mediawide’s CMP uniquely brings together designers and marketing professionals in a self-serve, intuitive interface.

Our major offerings:

  1. Banner ads:
  2. Create, edit, and customize each banner ad for copy, font, images, and videos. Insert click-tags for tracking purposes. Scale production by creating an ad family and manage team collaboration using our in-built workflows for commenting and approval/rejection.

    Like the below example, an airline company could easily use a CMP to manage their promotional and fare banners.

    Banner Ads

  3. Personalized videos:
  4. We merge data with video to offer personalized videos to your customers. You can choose to serve videos to anonymous customers based on geo-location or demographics or one-to-one personalized videos via email, cookie-based remarketing. These videos are interactive and enable clickable CTAs inside the video.

    Like the below example, a bank could easily use a CMP to create personalized videos to promote credit cards to its existing customers. personalized video banking

    Click the link to watch Personalized Video example.

  5. Print marketing:
  6. Mediawide is the only CMP in the market catering to all media: print, web, and video, you can easily create print marketing material that aligns with digital ads and overall brand guidelines. The output is a ready to print PDF created using Adobe InDesign. All the print assets such as brochures, leaflets, handouts, etc. are generated within the platform.

    Like the below example, a furniture store could easily use a CMP to create and approve artwork for their different products using one master template. Print Marketing

  7. Programmatic ads:
  8. Multiple banners required to run a successful programmatic ad campaign can be pre-created at scale using our CMP and then used to target the audience with relevant, contextual content.

  9. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO):
  10. Our CMP can be integrated with DMPs and DSPs to remove any hassles in creating dynamic banner ad campaigns. It makes it possible for in-house marketing and advertising teams to leverage data and analytics to target, plan, and scale campaigns.

    Like the below example, a clothing brand could easily use a CMP to automatically customize ads to specific audiences based on location, behavior and demographics.


Future Forward: A CMP for All – Creative, Production, Media, and Marketers.

For many years, brands like Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Mercedes and Printforce have placed their trust in us for addressing their day-to-day creative process challenges.

In 2020, we hope that the creative, production, media, and marketers alike use Mediawide’s CMP to create new versions of ads at scale, in different languages and formats.

We are also excited to continue to offer our end-to-end Creative Management Platform and Personalized Videos marketing solutions in 2020 so brands and agencies can continue to wow their customers with multiple creative offerings.

Glenn is the VP of Technology and responsible for enterprise sales, client engagement, and Channel Marketing with leading Creative Operations, Marketing Automation, and Co-Op/MDF program administration firms in the US, Canada, and UK.