Mediawide UK Ltd Attending the OpenText Summit in Dubai – June 7th, 2023

Mediawide UK Ltd Attending the OpenText Summit in Dubai – June 7th, 2023

Mediawide UK Ltd, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, will be in attendance at the OpenText Summit in Dubai on June 7th 2023. The conferences will bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss the latest trends and innovations in digital transformation, customer experience, and enterprise information management.

As an attendee at the summit, Mediawide UK Ltd will be available to discuss their cutting-edge Personalized Video Platform and Creative Management Platform technologies with attendees from across the region. The platforms, which enable businesses to create customized assets and video messaging tailored to each individual customer, have already proven to be a game-changer in the digital marketing space.

“We are thrilled to attend the OpenText Summit in Dubai,” said Ish Parekh, CEO of Mediawide UK Ltd. “These events provide us with a great opportunity to connect with other industry leaders and share our expertise in digital marketing. We are able to discuss how our platform can help businesses enhance their customer engagement and drive growth.”

The summit features a wide range of speakers, including OpenText executives, industry experts, and thought leaders. At this event, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to work smarter and prepare for Business 2030. Learn to bring information and automation together to re-invent with new digital fabrics, new rules, and new ways to work.
  • Listen to inspiring keynote speakers, experts and peers on real-world end-user cases and their outcomes and gain actionable insights to propel your organisation to new heights.
  • Network with like-minded professionals who are facing the same challenges you are. Make new connections, exchange ideas, and share solutions in person.
  • Learn from regional industry experts and partners who understand the unique struggles you face every day.

Overall, the attendance of Mediawide UK Ltd at the OpenText Summit in Dubai will be a great success, providing valuable opportunities to connect with other leaders in the digital transformation and customer experience spaces. We look forward to seeing what insights and innovations will come out of the OpenText World 2023 Innovation Summits!