National-to-Local Synergy in Distributed and Multi-Channel Marketing

National-to-Local Synergy in Distributed and Multi-Channel Marketing

Are you a distributed marketing organization?

  1. Does your brand sell its products or services through a network of dealers, distributors, local retailers, franchisees, own sales people, resellers, agents and channel partners?
  2. Do you promote your products or services via both, digital as well as traditional print marketing campaigns sometimes co-branded with partners and assets customized with local messaging?

Identify yourself as a distributed marketing organization if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions.

The juggling acts of distributed marketing…

Distributed marketing is a model adopted by organizations who have both a central (corporate) marketing function as well as local (distributed) marketing functions. As a part of this distributed marketing function, you create marketing assets and campaigns that will be sent out in the regions where your business is promoted.

Let us consider a use case where you are responsible to launch (and promote) a product in the APAC region, let’s say in 17 different countries.

Your target is both, males and females in the age group 18-35 years. You will need to create assets for print marketing like pamphlets, brochures, free standing inserts for newspapers, billboards, retail signages, magazine and newspaper ads, and some flyers.

You will also need digital assets such as, ads for social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, Google Display Network and Email marketing.

To catch-up with the video marketing trend, you will also be required to summon your production team to create a strong product video.

This means you will need multiple sizes, formats, layouts and output types for each of these different marketing channels: JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, HTML5, MP4.

Moreover, localizing these ads for 17 countries in their regional languages would be an imperative.

In addition, most importantly, all the messaging has to be on-brand, compliant, and professional.

There is a dearth of time, resources, and a truckload of creatives to build.

Now, what should you do?

The risk of running into unsuccessful campaigns, losing team morale, wasting money and time is avoidable. Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform (CMP) bridges the gap between corporate and regional marketing teams, channel partners, and local distributors and retailers to deliver consistent brand experiences across all media – print, web and videos.

With Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform:

  • Build creative print ads and rich media banner ads to make your message come alive
  • Thanks to scaling and versioning, repetitive tasks can be automated in bulk production and designers are free to do what they do best, which is of course: design
  • You can reach multiple markets with language translation
  • With in-built commenting and approval workflow corporate team can improve collaboration with local teams
  • You can publish your assets to various networks and optimize in real-time and even share them via traditional email or download to desktop
  • The CMP allows you to create 1-to-1 personalized videos and make each customer feel special
  • With analytics, everyone can see clear impact of their marketing activities at both, global and regional levels.

Who Needs a Distributed Marketing Platform?

Almost any organization needs a distributed marketing platform to execute its multi-channel marketing strategy, including:

  • National or worldwide operating Airlines
  • Automobiles with regional and local dealerships
  • Financial Services Institutes
  • eCommerce and Retail Brands
  • Chains of Hotels and Restaurants
  • Travel Marketplaces

…and many more!

From the early days of print to the adoption of digital media, marketing campaigns have come a long way. Until the late 1980s, marketing campaigns majorly revolved around print media. But, with the mass internet adoption things changed drastically for marketers. What once used to be about delivering an offer in a newspaper to accompany a television ad has now transformed and diverged to multiple platforms where many are even pushing expensive TV commercials out of marketing budgets.

As much as this is a goldmine for marketers (given that they have now discovered new means to target their audience more effectively with fewer assumptions, data-driven and measurable outcomes, it also means they have to delve deeper into the process of distributed campaign execution.

Mediawide offers an end-to-end Creative Management Platform that allows brands to use contextual content while talking to their customers and can be applied across media from print and web to direct personalized videos and enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, scale, distribute and measure their digital creatives.

To learn more about the Mediawide CMP, request a demo.

Ish is the Director of Go-to-Market Strategy responsible for driving Mediawide’s revenue growth. He has consulted several well-known international brands across Automotive, Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology verticals.