[Part 2] How Crucial are Creative Management People for Your Business?

[Part 2] How Crucial are Creative Management People for Your Business?

Our previous article concluded that an end-to-end Creative Management Platform allows brands to use contextual content while talking to their customers. Such platforms can be applied across media from print and web to direct personalized videos to empower brands, agencies and publishers to build, scale, distribute and measure their digital creatives.

However, availability of a robust technology alone cannot be reason enough for brands to consider building and maintaining a full-fledged in-house creative team.

  1. Cultural connection
  2. The most important aspect of having an internal creative team is how deeply connected the team can be to the company, its mission, values, and culture. An internal creative team often displays a desire for accomplishing the company mission that is hard to recreate with people who are not involved in the organization 24×7 or financially staked in its success. We also vouch for several agencies that work like an extended arm of your organization and strike the right balance between internal values and an outsider’s perspective that is needed to thrive in the creative space.

  3. Depth of understanding
  4. In-house creative teams and strategically engaged agencies need to work closely with the thought leaders so they are through with the story of the company. They need access to in-depth knowledge of the products, its services, history, and future strategies on a regular basis. This on-going interaction establishes relationships, keeps them informed about the company’s vision that they are then able to translate and imbibe in the creative process.

  5. Continuous measurement of ROI
  6. Most marketing organizations today operate in an agile environment and require planning, tweaking along the way, and adapt quickly to repurpose your campaign to market changes. When you continuously measure and analyse ROI from your marketing drives, you find the need to adapt the creative on the fly to enhance results and better match your audience responses. Ad designers use creativity and visual communication skills to create marketing materials. Ads may be created for print or the internet using a number of different media, including photography, illustration, animation, sound, and type. Equipping designers with tools such as, the Mediawide CMP allows them to focus on what they do best, which is design and measure the success of their creatives.

  7. Speed and cost-effectiveness
  8. Most marketing campaigns have a start and an end date. In this digital economy, brands are under a lot of pressure to churn out volumes of creatives within a given timeframe. With creative teams (in-house or agency) empowered with a creative management platform that can store, manage, edit and scale creative assets advertising effectiveness improves massively while the operational costs reduce significantly. Besides, they can always switch between projects, quickly without the stress of doing redundant work that generally digs a hole in the marketing budget and ends up wasting a lot of time.

Wrapping up:

To create a truly effective digital marketing machine you need the right people, processes and platforms that can help you achieve a significant ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Mediawide CMP is a smart solution that enhances the productivity of designers by removing redundant labour from their plate. The technology empowers organizations by helping them streamline the creative operations process and augment their time to market. With the ability to create and distribute personalized messages to audiences companies can improve their brand-value and achieve all their creative ambitions.

To learn more about how our Creative Management Platform can empower your creative teams or external agencies, feel free to get in touch with our experts here.

Ravi is our company President and wears multiple hats as the Product Owner. Ask him how to maximize the value of your creative enterprise.