The Various Stages of Creative Production Made Easy with Technology

The Various Stages of Creative Production Made Easy with Technology

When creative inspiration strikes, companies need a process and appropriate workflows to manage and maintain it. For creativity to be productive there should be an established system to turn that strike into a blueprint.

Otherwise, before you know, the deadline is here, and you have to compromise with substandard creatives.

Since there are various phases in the design production process, there is a lot that needs to be done after the creative streak fires up.

As designers, you might just want to design and color and lighten up things, but then realize that everything else is also a part of the process. When creativity strikes, we encourage you to attend to it while a Creative Management Platform addresses all the other aspects.

The Various Stages of Creative Production

As all creative designers and creative directors would agree, coming up with a compelling creative that strikes a chord with the audience is not easy. It involves multiple steps including –


This is the phase where you collect as much information as possible before beginning to design a creative. Any graphics or web design requires you to gather inputs from the client to understand the client expectations and aim with the creative.

Under this phase, you might need to draft a creative brief, chalk out the goals you want to meet with this creative, set the milestones, collaborate with internal team members, and delegate responsibilities. In today’s day of hyper-personalization, you also need to consider content relevancy and contextuality.

Without a system to manage this information, the creative process can get messy and unyielding. Using a Creative Management Platform can help in ensuring productive ideation and collaboration throughout the creative designing process.


Post the ideation process; you might need to brainstorm various ideas- whether orally or on paper. The creation process is the meat of the entire production workflow. Therefore, you need to involve multiple team members in the creation process, share ideas with colleagues, create content, tweak it, collaborate productively, manage design files, handle revisions, all the while keeping the creativity alive.

You might know the creativity murderer that lurks behind all these processes – tediousness. When creative directors and managers need to track documents and revisions, share ideas, and gather feedback, it gets in the way of creativity.

Therefore, using a creative management solution can eliminate this hassle while allowing teams to focus on what they do best – that is, design and deliver.


When you have already worked on a creative internally and are almost satisfied with the result, you need to get approval from the client or your executive marketer.

Not only that, but you also need to manage their expectations throughout the production process. The review process constitutes efforts such as analyzing and optimizing review cycles, getting and incorporating design feedback, and sharing content formats and designs through effective online tools.

Without a system in place to manage these tasks, things can go haywire easily. A creative management platform offers you the choice to streamline the nitty-gritty of the entire design production, ensuring timely delivery and satisfaction – while ensuring a smooth review by multiple stakeholders.


With the proliferation of platforms where you can publish and manage content, it gets hard to schedule content for delivery on each channel consistently. Moreover, each platform has its own content feel, size, and other such aspects that you need to respect. The creatives need to be adapted to different sizes, formats, and languages. Each distribution channel will demand its own content format (GIF, HTML, Video, etc.)

How do you create channel-coherent content for all platforms, brand presences, online forums without spending too much time?

Since doing so manually looks like a Herculean task, use a creative management platform to publish or schedule content across platforms as per the audiences’ taste on each.

How an Automated Creative Platform Can Help

Processes and workflows are not appealing to us in terms of the implementation. But, having a clearly chalked out process for creative production minimizes everyday decision-making and improves the productivity of everyone – designers, marketers, as well as the management.

With 71% of companies creating 10 times more number of design assets today than just a few years ago, designers and marketers cannot afford to spend their precious time on manual, time-consuming, repetitive design tasks.

Having a creative management platform such as Mediawide can be your game-changing strategy to excel at marketing and creating appealing graphics to gain competitive advantage.

Learn more about Mediawide and explore the prospect of a creative production management solution.

Ish is the Director of Go-to-Market Strategy responsible for driving Mediawide’s revenue growth. He has consulted several well-known international brands across Automotive, Retail, Airlines, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology verticals.