Why Personalized Videos Make For Better Video Marketing

Why Personalized Videos Make For Better Video Marketing

Every day, more and more people use social media to watch videos. Videos are a great way to connect with your audience on an emotional level. But there’s one problem… most people don’t want to see the same video as everyone else! Luckily, personalized videos make it easy for you to create unique content that is tailored specifically for each person who watches it. This blog post will discuss how this can improve your video marketing strategy!

Show what they are interested in

Personalized videos work better than generalized video marketing strategies because they allow companies and brands to show their customers precisely what interests them most about the product being advertised. This makes viewers feel like the brand was actually talking directly just to them.

To make a video feel personalized, it is crucial to get to know the customer as much as possible. This can be done by collecting data about their likes and dislikes, or even what other types of content they have enjoyed in the past. Once you have this information, this can easily be placed into the video to make it truly personalized.

Build strong connections

Personalized videos also work better than generalized videos, because they can help build a strong connection between your brand and the customer. By using personalized videos, you can create a connection with your customers that is built on trust and mutual respect. This will make them much more likely to continue watching your videos in the future, and interact more with them.

Use of emotions within personalized videos

Woman showing emotional attachment, this is great for video marketing
• Emotional attachment is great for video marketing

Another reason why personalized videos work better than generalized videos, is that they allow you to engage your audience on an emotional level. This is very important for up-selling and cross-selling, as people will only continue to watch the video if it makes them feel something! Using personal information within the videos draws on these emotions and allows the audience to embed themselves within the video and truly feel for the experience.

Offer more entertainment and information

The final reason why personalized videos work better than generalized videos, is that they can offer more entertainment and information than a non-personalized video would be able to do. This is because a personalized video can be tailored specifically to the viewer’s interests, which makes it more interesting and engaging. For example, suppose a user just purchased a product on the web. In that case, a personalized video can be viewed to thank them for purchasing that exact item, and maybe even offer them help in using the item, or extending the warranty or displaying support options. Using personalized videos instead of generic ones helps engage the audience more and lead to further sales.

You can view some example videos showing personalized information here

After the video is sent

Creating the video is only the initial step; once the video is viewed, analytics can then be performed, showing who opened the email, who played the video, and even what interactions were made within the video. This will allow you to see what type of message is most effective and needs improvement within your video templates.

Sample analytics screenshot of the Mediawide Personalized Video Platform
• Analytics can be used with personalized videos

Personalized videos can make for better video marketing in other ways too. They can be used to increase brand awareness and create a connection with the customer that goes beyond just the product or service being advertised. They can also help increase conversion rates by stimulating viewers to take action during and after watching the video.

You now know why personalized videos are better than generalized ones. Try out Mediawide’s personalization tools today by signing up for free at mediawide.com, and if you’re not currently using this type of content, it’s time you did. When it comes to video marketing, using personalized videos will always be a better option than using generalized strategies.