Creative Management Platform

Adapt, localize and personalize creative assets at scale across different geographies and distribute them via multiple channels.

Creative Management Platform

Keep it simple, keep it creative

Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns across – video, web banners and print. Mediawide’s Creative Management platform is a cloud-based technology for brands, publishers and agencies to produce, scale, distribute and measure the impact of their creative campaigns.

Reach relevant, contextual content to your customers with a comprehensive set of web-based tools that help you adapt, localize and customize your marketing campaigns effectively. Our platform works on the principle of one-to-many allowing brands, publishers and marketing agencies to create, scale, distribute and measure the impact of their digital creatives.

How Mediawide can help?

Our CMP is a user-friendly application designed to be easy enough for a marketer or an advertising professional who may not have any coding knowledge. At the same time design pros with advanced skills can templatize, store and scale their work by automating the time-consuming redundant production tasks.

Why Mediawide CMP

Supported Media

  • Customized & Localized Videos

    Smart variable data allows you to create customized videos for your customers on the fly.

  • Adaptive Web display ads

    HTML5 display ad templates, which contain multiple sizes such as 468x60, 160x600 and 250x250.

  • Outdoor & Retail Signages

    Create localized OOH and large signage using a simple web interface.

  • Responsive Web display ads

    HTML5 display ad templates that resize automatically to run across different websites.

  • Print Ads

    Customize, localize and personalize print advertisements on the web.

  • Marketing collaterals

    Web based dynamic content for great looking marketing and business collaterals.

Invest in a Connected Digital Experience Management Platform

By investing in a well-designed Creative Management Platform, brands marketers, publishers, and agencies can have a chalked out process for creative production minimizing everyday decision-making and improving the productivity of everyone – designers, marketers, as well as the management.


Creative Management Platform for Brands
  • Marketing campaigns adaptation, localization and personalization at scale.
  • Efficient multi-channel, multi-market distribution for large enterprises.
  • Better workflows and process management across geographies.
  • Use big data and analytics to run real-time targeted campaigns such as in, programmatic ads & dynamic creative optimization.


Creative Management Platform for Publishers
  • A publisher friendly creative ops platform, no-coding skills required.
  • Ability to automate redundant production tasks and eliminate duplication errors.
  • Comment, approve or reject creatives, and track progress on a centralized platform.
  • Integration possible with demand side platforms (DSPs), Ad networks and Ad exchanges.


Creative Management Platform for Agencies
  • Enhance your agency’s service portfolio with an end-to-end Creative Management Platform (CMP).
  • Increase revenue with ability to manage high-budget, high-spend, high-ROI advertising and video campaigns.
  • Get the ability to service large multinational brands across geographies.

Be the master of all your digital and print campaigns with Mediawide. Our creative management platform is one-of-a-kind that helps you ace various campaigns with panache. You can use this single platform for end-to-end creative process management – build, edit, review & approve, scale, distribute and measure, everything from using a single platform.

Talk to us to know how our solution can take your in-house digital advertising to the next level.