Mediawide is part of the Mailchimp Integrations Program. Mediawide has integrated the Personalized Interactive Video Platform with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one Marketing Platform for small businesses. They empower millions of customers worldwide to start and grow their businesses with Mailchimps smart marketing technology, award-winning support, and inspiring content.

With Personalized Interactive Videos, you can address the customer by their first name at the outset, delivering a relevant message to them and, if need be, engage them with a unique animated and interactive story, directly from the Mailchimp Platform.

Send out any number of emails, each with their own personalized video, using your existing Mailchimp platform. The Mediawide Personalized Interactive Video Platform integrates with Mailchimp by sending emails directly from the Mediawide Interactive Personalized Video Platform. Choose Mailchimp campaign lists, select a Mailchimp email template, and combine data from the Mailchimp database with your own data to create highly personalied one to one emails with links to personalized videos.

Personalized Interactive Videos by Mediawide does not only deliver videos but interactive videos. Conduct surveys, customer profiling, or call to action buttons within the personalized videos to increase and optimize interaction with the consumer. Interactive video analytics are also included, such as Click Through Rates, Video Play, and Video Completion Rates.

Personalized Interactive Videos by Mediawide can be used to connect consumers with personalized content that is both relevant and engaging.

Product Highlights

  • Personalized 1:1 Email marketing is achieved by integrating Mediawide Interactive Video Platform with Mailchimp using the Mailchimp API.
  • In a typical use case, The Interactive Video Platform can create thousands of personalized videos, and send these using an email template directly from Mailchimp.
  • Personalized videos are created on a mass scale in real-time, therefore no waiting for the rendering of MP4 files.
  • Created videos are HTML5 animations with optional MP4 videos, audio files, and interactive animations.
  • Very lightweight format.

Value Proposition

  • Personalized videos contained with Email marketing campaigns give 280% greater returns.
  • When you send an email with a personalized video, get.
    • Four times the open rate.
    • Eight times the click-through rate (CTR).
    • 75% fewer subscribers opting out.
  • Customer renewal rates are 12% higher when personalized video is used.
  • Engagement levels are two times higher.
  • Time spent on the page goes up by 62%.