Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mediawide’s Personalized Video Platform (PVP)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mediawide’s Personalized Video Platform (PVP)

  1. What is Mediawide’s Interactive Personalized Video Platform (PVP)?

    Mediawide’s Interactive Personalized Video Platform is a secure platform, which uniquely leverages personalized data, and real-time target data, to present an Interactive Personalized Video to your customers.
  2. How do Personalized Videos help Brands?

    Brands can serve videos to anonymous customer segments based on geo-location, demographics, and website behavior, or hyper-personalize the video by including details like first name, city and product owned inside the video.

    These videos can be interactive by including clickable call-to-action buttons, survey-type questions or lead gen forms within the video itself.

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  3. Who should try Personalized Video Platform?

    The brands who are looking for customer engagement, increasing conversions and driving sales using pre-sales, remarketing, onboarding, and upselling.

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  5. How do you get access to Mediawide PVP?

    Getting access to our PVP is easy. Create your free account at and on account activation, get 50 free credits to create your first personalized videos.

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  6. What do you get with this platform?

    Once you have access to the platform, you get:

    • 50 FREE credits to create 50 personalized videos
    • Multiple user platform
    • Integration with Mailchimp & other marketing automation platforms
    • Phone, email and helpdesk support
  7. How does it work?

    Within the PVP, create campaigns which can be either linked to Mailchimp, or our custom workflow. With custom workflows, upload a CSV or XML which contains the variable data, and send these videos via your own systems, such as Printable QR Codes, Email Links, SMS or WhatsApp.

    With Mailchimp, use the data within Mailchimp to personalize your videos, and use MailChimp’s email capabilities to send these personalized videos to your customers.

    For more about Custom and MailChimp workflows, take a look at these videos

    Custom Workflow
    Mailchimp workflow
  8. What skills and technologies do you need to use personalized video platform?

    Regardless of your position as either a marketer, business developer, eCommerce or CRM manager, you adopt any latest trend in the market only to increase sales, obviously. Like any other marketing activity, personalized video marketing also requires planning, setting your business goals, integrations with other technology ecosystems, assigning the team for selecting right audiences, messaging and content creation.

    Speaking to Mediawide, we can help you create a shell video template, pull in the correct data (receiver’s name, product information, images and videos) into this template, scale the production and distribute 50 or 50,000+ personalized videos via an email marketing tool to each of your customers.

  10. What do you mean by a template?

    A template is a shell design that contains tags for variables like images, videos, copy, CTA buttons and destination URLs.

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  11. Are there any sample templates on the platform?

    Yes once you register your account, you get few industry vertical sample templates, but if you want you own uniquely designed video template to use with your own customers, then you can schedule a quick call with Mediawide to discuss your requirements.
  12. Do you provide video tutorials?

    Yes, once you register you get to see Video Tutorials in your profile. In addition, you can subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch all the video tutorials, and get notifications of any new videos Mediawide uploads.

  14. What kind of data analytics can you expect from this platform?

    Our platform gives you the data for videos played, completed, and any other engagement happening inside the video like clicking a CTA button. You can compare this data with your previously delivered standard email campaigns and determine if your customer was truly “wowed” with videos and personalization.

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  16. How can you upgrade your plan?

    Once your available 50 credits are utilized, you can click on Upgrade form and choose your plan to create personalized videos at scale. And if you require any custom plan, you can get in touch with our sales team.
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We hope these FAQs gives you a fair understanding about our platform! If you have any further questions that we were not able to answer on this page please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.

Glenn is the VP of Technology and responsible for enterprise sales, client engagement, and Channel Marketing with leading Creative Operations, Marketing Automation, and Co-Op/MDF program administration firms in the US, Canada, and UK.