Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform (CMP)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform (CMP)

  1. What is Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform (CMP)?
  2. Mediawide’s Creative Management Platform is an end-to-end enterprise-grade solution that allows brands, marketing agencies and publishers to use contextual content while talking to their customers.

  3. Why invest in a CMP?
  4. A CMP can significantly enhance the creative production process by

    • streamlining workflows
    • improving cross-functional, inter-departmental team collaboration
    • reducing the cost of production
    • optimizing your team’s talent and time

    It gives you complete control over ad production, distribution and overall brand governance.

  5. How do I get access to Mediawide CMP?
  6. Getting access to our CMP is easy. First, we request you to see a demo of our solution. Simply contact us via this form so one of our consultants can get in touch with you or feel free to call any of our local offices. Once we have understood your requirements, we will be able to set you up on a short trial version customized as per your need.

    CMP User Groups

  7. As a marketing agency, how can I benefit from using a CMP?
  8. If your agency handles any of – brand design and development, print and digital creative, video storytelling, marketing campaigns execution, communications and content strategy and, all media advertising – a Creative Management Platform is a must-have.

    A CMP can help you

    • adhere to your client’s brand guidelines
    • produce creative assets in bulk for all media
    • ensure faster time-to-market for your client’s products
    • reduce redundancy so your team’s time is freed up to handle multiple projects at a time
    • become a strategic client partner rather than a tactical one

  9. As a brand marketer, how can I benefit from using a CMP?
  10. If you are a global marketing organization with multiple regional offices or deal with multiple product lines each with their own identity or handle a largely diverse marketing team with varied skillsets, a Creative Management Platform could be a boon for you.

    A CMP can help you

    • standardize the brand design, typography and other aesthetic elements
    • mass produce creative assets for different product lines, geographies and omni-channel campaigns
    • achieve creative process automation by removing redundancy and improving efficiency
    • improve team collaboration and workflows especially, in geographically dispersed teams
    • let your designers do what they’re best at, which is design

    NOTE: If you already work with one or many external marketing agencies, it is possible to add them to your organization in Mediawide’s CMP so everyone has access and can easily collaborate for review, feedback and approvals.

    Required Skillsets

  11. Do I need design knowledge to use your CMP?
  12. No. Our tool is made for the business users. It allows marketers and advertisers without design knowledge to create, edit and serve the creative. One just needs to select the right combination of variables like image or video, ad copy, CTA button and destination URL to create an ad or a personalized video. The rich-media assets will auto-populate from the back-end digital asset management (DAM) system where they are stored and managed.

    However, the platform is also suitable for a performance agency that manages paid search campaigns for its clients. You can easily create multiple ad variants for A/B testing and multi-channel promotions saving your client’s ample time, cost and money.

  13. Do I need coding skills to use your CMP?
  14. The beauty of Mediawide CMP is that all HTML5 display ads, personalized videos and print designs can be created by advertisers and agencies without knowledge of any coding. It deploys a basic drop down and select functionality.

    For bulk production, the variable asset details can be uploaded using a simple excel spreadsheet in a process called batch adaptation.

    However, any support and customizations related to the software itself can be provided by our team of expert developers.

    The Governing Principle: Create-once-use-many-times

  15. What do you mean by a template?
  16. A template is a shell design that contains tags for variables like image, video, copy, font SVG, CTA button and destination URL. Users select a template and from drop down options select the variables to complete the ad.

  17. What elements in a template can be variable?
  18. A template can have variable text, image, video, CTA button and destination URL.

    Content Types and Formats Supported

  19. Which media types are supported by Mediawide CMP?
  20. Ours is the only CMP in the market that supports all media types – print, web and video.

  21. What are the various ad formats supported by Mediawide CMP?
  22. Our CMP can support all ad formats – static JPEG/PNG, animated GIF, interactive HTML5, MP4 video.

  23. How do I create multiple banner ads using Mediawide CMP?
  24. You can create multiple banner ads using the Mediawide CMP in 3 easy steps. Watch this video to know how batch adaptation works.

  25. How do I create personalized videos using Mediawide CMP?
  26. A personalized video is the result of a merger between data and videos. You can use an existing video or commission a new piece to become the template — the video that will act as a shell for each subsequent personalized video. If you have a DMP, CRM or PIM it can be integrated with our CMP to pull the desired data or you can simply upload an excel spreadsheet with the variable data. Each personalized video created can be distributed as a URL via our pre-existing integrations with major email automation services providers.

  27. What type of print marketing material can Mediawide CMP handle?
  28. Mediawide CMP can be used to create all kinds of print marketing material such as

    • Marketing collateral: brochures, flyers, envelopes, fridge calendars and personalized greeting cards and invites
    • Retail signage: billboards, storefront signs, in-store signs
    • Office stationery – letterheads, receipt books, invoice paper and business cards etc.

    Programmatic Creative and Dynamic Creative Optimization

  29. Does Mediawide CMP support programmatic advertising?
  30. In programmatic advertising, targeting tactics are used to segment audiences using data so that advertisers only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time. Our CMP can help advertisers pre-create multiple relevant ad sets for different target groups so they can be delivered to the right individuals for their action at the right time.

  31. Does Mediawide CMP support Dynamic Creative Optimization?
  32. Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a form of programmatic advertising that allows advertisers to optimize the performance of their creative using real-time technology. Our CMP can be integrated with data sources in the back-end and DSP ad servers on the front-end to supply highly automated and rules-driven creative assets for DCO campaigns.

    Digital Asset Management

  33. Does your CMP have Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities?
  34. Yes, our CMP is integrated with some of the world’s major DAM providers like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Alfresco, Nuxeo and Opentext Media Management (OTMM) to help our clients store, organize and manage their brand assets in one place. Investing in a CMP that comes with a DAM creates a single source of truth for your entire marketing organization including, your agency partners.

    Marketing Automation Platforms

  35. How does one distribute the assets created in Mediawide CMP?
  36. While content creation happens in a CMP content consumption happens on email, display search, social media or your website. Our CMP can be integrated with various distribution networks to provide ease of content delivery. Our current integrations include:

    1. Adobe Campaign Standard
    2. HubSpot
    3. Mailchimp
    4. Oracle Eloqua
    5. Facebook Lead Gen Forms
    6. Google Doubleclick Campaign Manager (DCM)

    If any distribution channels do not provide integration APIs you can opt to ‘’Download to desktop’’ and upload the assets to the respective channel.


  37. What kind of data analytics can I expect?
  38. Currently, we support analytics for personalized videos only. You can find out and learn from data about video played, watch-time duration, video completed and CTA URL clicked if the personalized video is an interactive HTML5 format.

    Customer Support

  39. Does Mediawide provide 24/7 global customer support?
  40. With offices across the globe in the USA, Europe and India, Mediawide is fully-equipped to provide 24/7 support 365 days a year. Moreover, we can also train your internal staff members on the basics of day-to-day maintenance of the software.

We hope this content has been helpful! If you have any further questions that we weren’t able to answer on this page please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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